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  • How?

    What do you think of this.

    A woman who is known to have a violent temper and to have bitten her "friend" and taken a piece of them away with the bite. Goes and runs off with a just paroled pedophile accusing her husband of beating her(which was proven false by the police) only to call him crying from the emergency room when she WAS beaten to within minutes of death by the same said pedophile because she lost her children (ages 11 and 6, the same ages he was convicted of molesting) to her husband's sole custody because of her relationship with him.

    The whopper to this tale is that just last evening she instigated a public row with people in a restaurant at another table because they were speaking of her and her multipe 'affairs' especially with the pedophile amongst themselves despite efforts of said husband to dissuade her with words telling her it was not worth it. Whereupon she attempted to hit her husband over top of the table and her children, missed and fell and recieved a bruise to her forehead for her efforts. She then ran out immediately and filed a domestic violence complaint against her husband whom police came to arrest at his home in front of his children.

    Is the system F*@KED UP or what!

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    yes the system is screwed and this twisted story proves it. thanks for sharing that with us.


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      that is some psychotic lady. put her in the loony bin plz


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        I agree with hooked. The woman needs therapy and/or medication.


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          The is no way we can protect the people from the above mentioned woman. She is in control of her life and circumstances. She should understand the consequences of her actions. Maybe she does need to be institutionalized to treat her for some imbalances in her body. Maybe during the institutionalization therapy can be used to help her understand the consequences of her actions.

          I don't believe the system is screwed up. I feel the system is doing what it should do. The fact the husband got arrested due to the complaint is a sorry state of affairs. I do hope any charges against him will be dismissed when the "true" facts come to light.

          It only takes one story like this to reinforce how "normal" I am!


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            That's really messed up. Where did this story come from? Did they clear the father? She is obviously unfit I hope he's able to prove that and keep her away from him and his family.

            I've heard other stories like this where the parent(s) are so petty that they just don't see how they're hurting their own kids. Im so glad my ex-wife and I, and our new families get along.


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              She is like some people I know.....their problems are "ALWAYS" someone elses fault, and that poor person will pay just for being there.

              I feel for the husband and the kids. Once the police have the full story from the restauruant, things will come to light and I truly hope she gets the help she needs. I also hope they take all visitation rights away from her, she should be nowhere near those kids. My Opinion.


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                I am guessing this woman would fall under "Axis II" on the DSM. She will continue to create interesting crises until she gets some help. It will be interesting to see what happens to her and her husband in the courts.

                Police sometimes have a hard job sorting out who did what to whom, and have to make decisions based on the information presented. Hopefully the courts, or time will help to sort out who is the real villian or victim here.


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                  Boreas, the real victims are the kids. They have an out-of-control mother who does not care about trying to hurt their father and then having him arrested in front of them.

                  Reading this story, it seems that she only cares about herself and apparently does not care what she is doing to her children. Shacking up with a child molestor is one thing, but expecting to be able to keep her kids in that environment is another. Another bit of evidence that she does not have her children's safety in mind.

                  Until she can figure out how to get her life in order, she should have no contact with her children. They will be better off without her. And they should also go into therapy. This is a lot of crap to put them through.

                  Bob S.


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                    Bob, I very much agree with you. Clearly, hooking up with a pedophile is only one indication of her inability to protect her children.


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                      Unfortunately, this type of story is quite real; several months ago I read of a similar one locally. While it is noticable how often males are automatically assumed to be guilty, it is truly bizarre how ready society/police are to assume guilt.


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                        Sorry folks, I had to be away dealing with this and having the "lady" committed and under a suicide watch.
                        The multiple bruises she claimed were inflicted by the husband during "the beating he gave her" were in fact as medical doctors proved, the remaning bruises from her actual beating 3 weeks ago from her pedophile "boyfriend".
                        The husband (soon to be ex-husband) was cleared and will not let his soft heart for a beaten female to come into play with this particular female again.