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    You got to hand it to Farris Hassan, the 16yr old from florida.
    He wanted to learn something and he had the cajones to do something about it.

    Granted going to Bhagdad right now may not be the wisest course to take (he is a teenager after all) but he wanted to learn about what the Iraqi's lives were like today so he went to the source.

    How many that pontificate here among these forums have the wherewithall to do what it took to satisfy their need to learn if it took going to extremes...not many I am afraid.

    Knowing our present regime the young man is now on the watch list as an enemy of the state but the rath of his parents will make that distinction the trivial nonsense it is.

    Give the young man his props and hope he isn't grounded for the next hundred years or so.

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    I had heard about this, but I did not hear why he had went. One of the conserns of the government was the fact that he was able to get there with ease, nobody really noticed what he was doing until he was there, which is typical of our government, they do not see real problems until it bites them in the cajones.


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      The kid deffinetly has guts. Was just talking to a captain in the Army who commanded a transport group and knows how bad the roads are and how dangerous, he said the road from the Baghdad airport into the city is THE most dangerous over there. The kid is lucky to be alive.


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        Wha ?
        What's the big deal? We liberated the country from a violent dictatorship, the people are voting, the police and army are all trained and ready for action, it's a land flowing with milk and honey. ... well, at least that's what Bush and Dick told me. (oh wait, that's a "land flowing with lies and our money.")

        don't get me started! ...


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          Brave kid.

          I wonder if Da prez would go see with his own eyes and hear with those Prince Charles ears of his.

          Nah, he's already proved himself a coward.

          Pity the boy though I just know his mother will have him on garbage detail for eternity.