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  • Tea

    What do you think about the benefits of the different Teas available, Black, Green, Red and White?

    Each has been useful to me in my life and I was just wondering if others had any thoughts.

    Also, how many prefer tea to Coffee?

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    it's a low-calorie comfort food. I love tea. I usually have the fruit zinger teas or my favorite is rose hips. I also like the ginkgo tea when I'm studying. Maybe it's a placebo effect but I feel it helps me absorb and internalize information.


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      Red Rose tea for me.



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        Best Tea on the planet is The Republic of Tea

        Than blackberry sage is good and the Cinnamon Plum.

        Extremely good, and you can get it loose or bags. I get both.

        They also have seasonal teas. Tea of Good Tidings at Christmas Time,


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          Absolutely green tea. Not the previous green now fremented to look and taste more like coffee called black tea.

          Japanese sencha is the ultimate best.


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            I prefer Tea to Coffee. i like Orange Pekote myself.


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              I prefer coffee to tea, black coffee no sugar is is a Coffee/Tea link


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                A cup of chamomille (that's pronounced mile--not mill) a dollop of honey with some valerian mixed in and you'll snooze like a baby all night.

                It's the valerian that does it, the chamomille and honey make it palatable and soothing.

                Es verdad, mi esposa estan bruja y herbalista.


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                  Originally posted by nacktman:
                  What do you think about the benefits of the different Teas available, Black, Green, Red and White?
                  Each has been useful to me in my life and I was just wondering if others had any thoughts.

                  Can you expand on the usefulness you have discovered with the teas?

                  I prefer coffee-have tea once or twice a year.
                  But,I am not so old, that I can't learn new tricks.


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                    Nu, I'd be happy to expand on each's benefit for me.

                    Black Tea: This one is really self explainatory to other Southerners. Iced Tea is sort of our lifeblood and is served with every meal as well as a stand alone item at other times. I am sure my blood is over half tea. Since this type of tea has been the most common in the area it is the one used for our Iced Tea.

                    Green Tea: This type of tea is healthier and tastes good as well (at least the varieties I have tried) and a warm cup just seems to help my mind and body function better which is a good thing in my mind.

                    Red Tea: This type of tea is the relaxing and contemplative of the teas and are all herbal, if you ever need to reduce stress a red tea will help you to do that. Sit and sip on a warm cup of red tea and let your mind float free and you will find stress diappearing as the tea in the cup disappears.

                    White Tea: This is another type of herbal tea and holds the keys to Homeopathic remedies more so than other teas. Sort of on the lines of how Chicken soup is to a cold (and science has proven it works just like moma always said it did...the soup that is). Different White Teas can help with minor health and discomfort issues a person has.

                    These are the basic benefits I have gotten for the varied teas. I can assure you of only one thing, trying different teas will be a pleasent experience, as to your benefits they will be different as you are a different person, hopefully they will be similar though.

                    Myself, I never learned to like coffee.
                    And Sauna, I have never tasted a Black Tea that tasted like coffee without coffee mixed in it, maybe you should give another variety of Black Tea a taste.


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                      just a few medical conditions in which drinking green tea is reputed to be helpful:

                      * cancer
                      * rheumatoid arthritis
                      * high cholesterol levels
                      * cariovascular disease
                      * infection
                      * impaired immune function


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                        Thanks, nacktman and ercNY.

                        Great advice.


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                          I love a cup of hot green tea before bed.


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                            I like both coffee and tea. Each has its own place depending on what I want at the moment:

                            Tetley with skim milk is what I wake up with every morning. (Boiling water from the electric kettle; no nukes, please.) It's more thirst-quenching than coffee, strong enough to stimulate, and hot enough to warm me before I get the fire started.

                            Green or white tea with a little milk is great when I just want to warm up. All those antioxidants can't hurt, either. For interest, nothing beats Stash Green Chai. (EQUO Masala Chai, a black tea, is great too, and fair trade besides--order at

                            Coffee...ahh. Always Fair Trade Certified at my house. My preferred way to brew a pot is with a Bodum vacuum pot (water below, grinds up top, looks like a science experiment). I've just discovered the French press--mine is a Nissan Thermos stainless-steel affair--it's even better than vacuum brew, and I can easily make one cup this way. At work it's weak pre-measured drip stuff that tastes kind of like bad tea. Hey, it's free! I drink the weak stuff black with a pinch of instant to shore it up, the others with skim milk and a packet of aspartame, or black with a glug or two of Yukon Jack if I'm staying at home. The fancy coffees with whipped cream on top or faux hazelnut and French vanilla flavors have never tempted me. (Here in New England the local roaster offers blueberry coffee. Ugh, no thanks.)

                            I welcome the antioxidant and psychological benefits of tea and don't worry about the health effects of the coffee I consume. Moderation is usually my philosophy...and I'd rather enjoy a cup o'Joe (and I do!) than pop No-Doz or prescription stimulants when I need to be awake.

                            As for herb tea, I like the occasional pot of catnip tea. I've read it either relaxes or depresses a person, depending on one's chemical makeup. It certainly makes me popular with my cats! Stash Lemon Ginger or Traditional Medicinals Ginger Tea are great when I'm feeling queasy. Celestial Seasonings Almond Sunset is my favorite caffeine alternative, and their Morning Thunder (black tea and mate--lots of caffeine) certainly lives up to their slogan: 'The Power of a Thousand Charging Buffaloes'...



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                              Originally posted by nacktman:
                              What do you think about the benefits of the different Teas available, Black, Green, Red and White?

                              Ah, tea - one of the loves of my life.

                              I love tea. I became infatuated with Earl Grey soon as I came back from Taiwan (and then Lady Grey and Earl Grey Cream). Then got hooked on green teas (oh genmaicha, nothing beats it!). The current apple of my eye is anything Rooibos (Red Bush tea) which is great with caramel or vanilla or my latest favourite - Rooibos Apple Strudel. I haven't particularly warmed to white teas yet but drink them anyway for variety. Barley tea is also a treat. Camomile doesn't seem to relax me for sleep but I like the taste. After a long time of liking Jasmine and disliking Pu'er I have reversed my tastes and love pu'er. And Lahpsang Sohchong - divine! Who thought something so dense become so delicate.

                              Don't ask brands - demand only loose-leaf tea.

                              For me, nothing takes me to relief than black teas with milk. Being a vegetarian though, some of the tannins and antioxidants in black tea can leech iron out of the food I eat, hence my preferring rooibos after meals.

                              I could write forever about teas. Do you mind? Well, coffee drinkers can claim to have a grip over hollywood film-makers but lucid tea drinkers will rule the earth in the future. Coffee is just a fashionable drink - tea sustains itself solely on its merits.

                              I indulge in 'Chai's too now - tea the way tea was meant to be till in India (as long as it is done the right way and not with a soggy bag). Marsala Chai is really exotic - who would ever think that peppercorns could go into tea?? Nepal chai is nice a smooth.

                              Ginseng tea is quite nice if you don't mind the sweetness. It took me some time to get use to it but is meant to be quite good for you too.

                              The Chinese tea cermony is a breath of fresh-air. I wish I could have gotten a full set and be taught by a master. The Japanese tea ceremony is too ritualistic - beautiful but taking the principle too far. And the tea is a really acquired taste. And the sweet you eat is too. Ah, oops - I've written so much. Gotta run.

                              Anyway, drink up!
                              Mountain Goat