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A wee bit of a hurry.

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  • A wee bit of a hurry.

    Funny news item that thankfully stayed funny and didn't turn tragic:

    Shelbyville, TN. Polce with up to eight vehicles case what they believe to to a drunk driver for seven miles with several near wrecks caught their "man" as he turned into what was his own driveway only to find that the driver of the truck they were chasing was a 7 year old second grader. Who apparently used the proper signals and used his seat belt during the swerving chase said that he took his parent's truck because he wanted to get his drivers liscense.

    Talk about being in a hurry to grow up. Of course his adventure will most likely have the opposite of the desired effect when he makes is appearance in juvenile court.

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    Well I don't think the child will end up in court at his age.

    I am a little concerned though...How the heck could a 7 year old get a hold of the parents truck? I would be surprised if charges weren't directed towards the parents or whomever was supossedly watching this young person.

    I have children as young as three and as old as thirteen. I am not saying that we are constantly hanging over their shoulder, but unless I was gagged and tied up in the basement I can't picture any of ny kids taking any of my vehicles.


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      Just how does a second grader get the truck keys anyway? Then go on a joyride without his parents knowing about it?


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        For one thing, today's vehicles are just too damn easy to drive. Why, even a child could do it!


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          What is going on when a 7 year old is out driving at night?

          ercNY according to the report about this on CNN the young fellow will be appearing in juvenile court as a result of his adventure. Charges being placed on the parents are a high probability but not reported as of yet.


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            A lot of parents leave keys on tables, pegs by the door, etc. Even if the keys were in moms' purse the kid could easily have gotten them. If the parents were asleep they would not know he was taking the truck. Moboy is right that vehicles are very easy to drive today what with automatic transmissions. I don't see why the parents would be blamed for this.


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              Hey, at least he was being safe by wearing his seatbelt and by using his turn signal.

              The boy got the keys to his mother's pickup from her purse while she was napping. She will not be in trouble with the law. The boy is to go to court, but it is doubtful that he will have to do any time since he cannot be held responsible for his actions at such a young age.

              Bob S.