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Bird Flu!

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  • Bird Flu!

    Has this subject been discussed here?

    Anybody paranoid about it?

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    Has this subject been discussed here?

    Anybody paranoid about it?


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      No discussion I am aware of yet Greenman.

      I'm not paranoid about it, even if they are all trying to get me!


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        Paranoid?? No.
        Skeptical?? Yes.

        It seems to me that it's just another way for the Media's Fear Mongers to stir the nest.

        Every Virus on the planet could Mutate and become more dangerous to humans. Don't lay awake worrying about it.



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          This is just hype for the pharmaceutical companies. They already have a cure, and when the "flu" comes here they will hit us with high prices for the vaccine.

          Money Maker...that is all it is.


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            Good point KRC ny. REmember the killer bees that were coming our way 15yrs ago??


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              gas prices too! The oil companies are not paying any more per barrell yet, but they are making bundles of money of the "Oil Shortage" scare.

              These companies know how to use the media to their advantage and screw the little guys.


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                i din't think you should get paranoid about bird flu! but remember it has killed about 80 people! it's thought to have been caught by handling invected bird's.
                as for being skeptical to think it's only not being curied so people will have to pay high price's for a vaccine now thats rich, as i think the parents of those turkish kids would have gave every thing they had so they didn't have to watch there kids die.
                but who knows!!!!!


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                  I believe the bird flu is out there and a few have died from it. I also think that a cure has already been found but is too costly for folks who don't have insurance. Most of these companies do exploit the people.


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                    Anybody on this thread familiar with Lenny Bruce's rutine called "Kid in the Well'?

                    When a doctor didn't get paid for treating a kid whom fell in a well. The doc complained to the AMA.
                    The AMA replied, "Will you knock it off? We'll come up with a new disease next year and get even!'

                    Doc 'But what will we call it?'

                    'Just a working title... Asiatic Flu."

                    'Where do we say it came from?'

                    'You ninny. It's going around... There's not too much we know about it but it's going around"

                    Sound familiar?


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                      After reading what you guys have written here. Wow, I am so glad that Texas is a right to carry state. No wonder I stay strapped, there are some really weird thought processes out there. Wow!

                      Folks, gather round me and listen up.

                      Viruses are nasty, unpredictable little critters. They are the world's greatest survivalists and can exist in conditions which would destroy man, roach and rat--the world's other top survivalists.

                      The problem for us with the the so-called bird flu virus is that it is demonstrating the ability to jump species, from bird to mammal. What is not certain is whether or not once it is in mammals how it might mutate. If it mutates into a airborne virus (like the cold or influenza)that can be transmitted through sneezes and coughs and retains its virulence--well podner no matter how well you're strapped, could be a Desert Eagle loaded with Glasers, you're gonna be in trouble.

                      A virus based disease, transmitted worldwide by migrating birds, which mutates into an airborne mammal to mammal disease with fatal virulence could develop into a very a very serious threat to an over populated planet.

                      The wishful thinking that "THEY" have a potent, secret stock of antidotal or preventative serum is baseless. Viruses mutate, the serum that works on birds in China, most probably would not work on homo-sapiens in Europe. The serum that works today, might have no effect tomorrow.

                      Remember, viruses mutate--that's how they perpetuate themselves.

                      Paranoid no. Living under migratory flight paths, maintaining chickens, livestock and family pets and wary, yep!


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               we dig ourselves another bomb shelter yet or what?


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                          Originally posted by R.M.GREENMAN2:
                 we dig ourselves another bomb shelter yet or what?

                          Well......not exactly. But...

                          If this does go nasty, you'll probably just reach down and grasp your ankles, reach up and kiss your butt goodbye.

                          All seriousness aside, probably what will happen, if it does get nasty: stays virulent, goes airborne, and readily jumps mammalian species; we'll be asked to isolate, stay home, stay out of crowds, practice stringent sanitary procedures and such.

                          On a darker side, we might have to destroy lifestock and pets. Already some parts of the world have panic sticken people declaring war on feral cats and dogs.

                          The thing of it is, with a virus you just never know. But, on the other hand, we do know much more about public health than we did during the last great pandemic of the early 1900s.

                          Right now, we're seeing outbreaks, but the outbreaks are spreading from country to country and around the world. It is not yet an epidemic, and let us hope it does not become one.

                          The only thing that has me edgy, is that there now seems to be two viruses at work and taht at least one of those has also shown up in mammals in Europe. That is not good--but, right now it seems to require contact with contaminated feces, scat, food, and etc. It is not airborne.

                          If it mutates and goes airborne, then the isolation protocol will happen.

                          No need for paranoia, we've always been vulnerable to this sort of thing. But, as the world shrinks, it becomes more and more a possibility.

                          Avoid crowds, stay indoors, practice good sanitary practices, stay healthy, eat right, exercise, and keep your pets secure in the house and don't let them run free. And by all means take advantage of any innoculations which local public health officials might offer.

                          Don't lose any sleep, it may just blow by, kill some fowl and skip over most mammals.


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                            Here, this link should provide all the answers you'd ever need.



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                              Thanks for the link...but just to let you know...I, myself am not paranoid over it yet.
                              Some people are, and I haven't seen it discussed here yet, so.....

                              Hopefully being fair centralized in this country, I hope to have some warning.