Tad early in the month, but here are next month's holidays and celebrations;

01 Artists of America Day
02 National "Bubba" Day ... (Earl will have a day soon)
03 Doughnut Day ... (The Faternal Order of Police's favorite day)
04 Apple Computer Day
05 World Environment Day
06 National Hunger Awareness Day
07 Daniel Boone Day
08 Breast Augmentation Appreciation Day
09 Litha
10 World Naked Bike Ride Day
11 Multicultural American Child Awareness Day
12 Cowded Nest Day
13 King for a Day Day
14 Flag Day
15 Nature Photography Day
16 Fudge Day
17 World Juggling Day
18 National Slurge Day
19 Garfield the Cat Day
20 Toad Hollow Day of Thank You
21 Take a Yankee Snipe Hunting Day
22 Stupid Guy Thing Day
23 Let It Go Day
24 Celebration of the Senses Day
25 American Kid's Day
26 Tea Day
27 "Happy Birthday to you" Day
28 Handshake Day
29 Get Out of Your Comfort Zone Day
30 Leap Second Time Adjustment Day