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  • Gardening

    Thanks to lamont for the idea of a gardening thread.
    We can share our tips and plans for our gardens.

    He had a specific question, that being ...
    "What are some fast growing, leafy trees/bushes to reduce sight lines from the neighbors?".
    Any one got an answer for him?

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    Viburnums work well in the Southeast USA


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      There is already 10 pages full of gardening nude posts and threads, and some mentioning fast growing plants, shrubs, and trees for nude privacy on ones property!

      Links to CFF "Nude Gardening Posts/Threads

      Miscellanous "Privacy Plants" being one thread answering what "lamont" asked


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        Wait a sec Gary... wasn't it you that recently complained about non-nude related threads and discussions?

        Now we bring one up and you say, "Bah, been there, said that."


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          Not complaining "Mike"

          Just reminding all there is already 10 pages on nude gardening, and a couple of posts answering on just what you asked about.

          Learn how to use the Forums Search page for previous posts on subjects and topics @:

          Link to Clothesfreeforums Search Page

          Complaining? The Sports Illustrated "Swimsuit Edition" being banned from Public Libraries has not much to do with naturist or nudists, nude recreation what they wear or not wear at nude or clothesfree resorts.

          One of the functions of moderators is to move Topic/Threads Posted in the wrong categories to non naturist nudist categories and forums. The SI swimsuit magazine edition banned from public libraries post was one of those moved to a non-nudist category/forum.


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            Search page for previous posts on subjects and topics

            Hey gary, are you not squashing general forum chatter. Does it matter that gardening has been talked over before. Nacktman did not know that so he asked the question. I have been on this site for a fair while and never noticed a gardening topic so why shouldn't we have it again. This site is after all a forum for posting comments. If a topic comes up and is boring , no one posts.

            Why refer everyone back to old out of date comments ?

            Back to the topic - Where we are our neighbours are a long way away so any old bush will do the trick of a bit of disguise if needed.



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              Actually, I started a Gardening thread a couple weeks ago.
              It died a quiet death, pretty much like all the threads I start do.

              But Hey. Thanks for thinking about it anyway.



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                Hey Northy, don't get depressed about failed topics. We all have that problem , except perhaps HW and her "voices". Failed topics and failed posts - comments that do not get quoted does not mean that people do not appreciate the post. They all add to the thread and make for more interest. This site is very successful so we all must be doing something right.

                As for gardening, I am sitting here (of course nude), having my breakfast , looking out the kitchen window on wonderful green growing grass, the trees in our garden and our very old 34 year old pony whinnying for his breakfast. He has lost a few teeth so he needs geriatric pellets.

                We have had terrible drought here for the last year but receently we got some rain and everything has greened up. It is amazing how the citrus trees, expecially the orange tree, which seemed to be dying despite being watered often, with a bit of rain from thunder storms has sparked into life again. Nature is wonderful.



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                  Yeah, what he said.
                  Despite what may be appearences most of my threads die quiet deaths as well.
                  Then again some do not?!
                  (One of those 'left for dead' threads has been resurrected and is plodding along like a mindless zombie veering far away from the original topic with "new" life in the last few days.)


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                    The least expensive a quickest way to have a privacy fence is to buy a roll of 6ft tall woven wire fence, sink T-posts every 5 to 6ft and plant confederate jasmine or honey suckle along it's base. Within a year, depending on your soil and climate, you'll have a seven foot high fence of dense shrubbery.

                    Lowe's, Home Depot, MCoys, Tractor Supply or any other Ranch and Farm supply or home-improvement place will have what you need. If you are near a ranch and farm store, that would be your best choice.

                    One person can do the job. But, two or three really speeds things up, and it helps to have a small tractor or riding mower to stretch the fence. But, a pickem up truck works too, just a bit of tension to keep your fence taut.

                    If honesuckle or jasmine doesn't work for you, wisteria or Kudzu will (LOL)


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                      I rented a post hole driller and installed my own stockade fencing in NJ. Was in the Big Brother program. He stood on the other side of the 2 man post hole digger. In Baton Rouge, I had more money and had stockade fencing put in down both sides of the property and all the way to the back and connected to the house at its back corners.

                      Today, I planted my potatoes: 4 50' rows of Pontiac Red, Huckleberry and sprouted ones from last year.

                      Have a split hose in my irrigation distributor. Plan to pick up some couplings to repair it tomorrow. That one 20 degree morning apparently did it.

                      Got 6 blueberries from Lowes for a little less than $60. Plan to plant them tomorrow, 3 up here along my new rain garden and 3 down below to replace the 2 grapes that the hooved rats wouldn't leave alone. Replaced 2 grape vines last year with 3 blueberry bushes. I plant them in peat moss and sprinkle either Al Sulfate or acidic fert around the perimeter of the BIG hole into which the peat moss mixed with a little dirt goes.


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                        If you have the property for it and can manage it bamboo works really well.


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                          I would like to answer your ridicule of mentioning previous posts, links and answers to questions posed on this topic/thread.

                          [quote/comments by “OZJames]

                          a.) Hey gary, are you not squashing general forum chatter.

                          b. ) Does it matter that gardening has been talked over before.

                          c. ) Nacktman did not know that so he asked the question.

                          d. ) I have been on this site for a fair while and never noticed a gardening topic so why shouldn't we have it again.

                          e. ) Why refer everyone back to old out of date comments ?

                          [Answer to OZJames comments]

                          a. Not at all “James” no one is squashing general forum chatter. Posting previous posts and links actually promotes forum discussion on topic/threads. Informing new members that are not aware of years of previous posts, where to find information, and how to search for answers and reference. Preventing duplicate posting, cross posting, and conserving bandwidth. Members, CFF, and the Moderators have been thanked many times for mentioning and posting links, how to search, and where to look for information on subjects, topics, threads and the various 26 or so clothesfree forum categories.

                          b. Yes, it does matter to others of the over 200 posts and 10 pages of gardening subjects, topics, posts since July of 2002 on the subject for reference, answers, images, and suggestions, and how to find them.

                          c. Lamont Cranston asked the question; not “nacktman” and came up with the idea of gardening thread, and posed the question of fast growing plants. “nacktman” initiated the topic/thread, re-posted “Lamont’s” question, and sought answers which were posted in this thread shortly after by members and me.

                          d. No one is limiting or even suggesting the number of posts or subjects one may amount of posts on any particular topic/thread or forum. Maybe you should become more familiar with the features of the fast and efficient clothesfreeforums search engine so you will notice previous posts on any subject, word, topic, or thread previously posted.

                          e. Lamont's question about fast growing plants, shrubs, bushes was previously asked and answered on previous posts on the same subject and topic. What difference does old out of date reference make on subjects such as gardening, plants, or shaving, erections, or nude recreation for that matter? Why refer members back to previous posts? Many years of post have answers and reference to frequently asked questions.

                          Original question: "What are some fast growing, leafy trees/bushes to reduce sight lines from the neighbors?"

                          Answers & suggestions from previous posts on the same subject:

                          Carolina Jessamine (sometimes called Jasmine) is a vine with pretty spring flowers and lots of small leaves that grows very fast and thick and thrives here, but full coverage by summer? That's a lot to ask for. Once it's established it stays thick.

                          English ivy grows fast, but it is as bad as Kudzu for spreading where it is not wanted.

                          Privacy shrubs include: English boxwood, Euonymus shrubs, box holly, bamboo or cane, Leland cypress, privet hedge, all of which grow fast.

                          There are privacy fabrics that NaturistMark has recommended in previous postings. They could provide privacy while you are waiting on your vines to grow.

                          I have seen the fabric on the back pages of the AANR Bulletin.

                          Here's a link to a company that makes it:

                          Free Standing Privacy Screens, "Outdoor Shade Fabric"

                          Naturist Mark was kind enough to provide a couple of landscaping links:

                          Link to "Living Wall as privacy fence"

                          and here's another:

                          Link to "Living Fence" article

                          Still another possiblity would be Hybird (sic)Willows. According to the blip in a gardening catalog they can grow 14 to 20 feet in the first year, prevents wind and soil erosion, thrives in dry soils and can help dry out boggy land.

                          Red cedar (Juniperus virginiana) seems to do well in east Texas. It grows fast in full sun and a lot of heat.

                          If you have a boggy place or are near a river or lake, willows, cypress, young river birch, and Spice bush all love wet feet.

                          If it is not too hot a climate, Hemlock trees can be trimmed into a thick hedge. Arbor Vitae makes a nice columnar evergreen shrub and grows to massive tree size in the U.P. of Michigan along the shore of Lake Superior/

                          Plus the plants mentioned in the thread after “Lamont Cranston” question.

                          Viburnums work well in the Southeast USA

                          If honesuckle or jasmine doesn't work for you, wisteria or Kudzu will (LOL)

                          If you have the property for it and can manage it bamboo works really well.

                          So OZJames don’t discount or devalue the wealth of information on previous posts over a period of six years on Clothesfreeforums CFF.


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                            Nude in the North,

                            Thanks for your posts and topics on nude gardening. I have followed them all along since your first post on gardening over four years ago.

                            By typing in Gardening in the first search engine window, and Nude in the North in the "Author" window, [I prefer to sort by Date] you will display all of you posts mentioning gardening as below:

                            Link to "Nude in the North's" CFF posts mentioning "Gardening" F.Y.I.


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                              Thanks Gary, I stand corrected. You are right - by posting all the links to past gardening topics you are not stopping people from posting new comments and perhaps you are providing a source of information to help others with the problem at hand.

                              Only a week or so ago I posted support for the retention of old topics.

                              Who asked the question. These are the final words above in Nacktman's post "Any one got an answer for him?" Surely that is Nacktman's question . I think you are being a bit technical critising me for saying Nacktman asked when it seems that the original question came from Lamont. What does it matter ?

                              Back to topic - above is a suggestion that CANE is good for cover as it grows quickly. In Sydney cane will grow VERY quickly but the trouble is that it keeps growing and keeps growing and sends out runners (roots) that shoot up more cane and eventually your whole back garden will be one big cane lot. The only safe way to use cane in Sydney (where the climate is hot or warm with mild winters and about 1200 mm annual rain) is to grow it in pots.