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  • Thoughts on Katrina aftermath...

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      It's spelled FEMA, not Bush.


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        I believe it was FEMA that dropped the ball on this one. (not Bush) He at least had the courage to kick them in the butt and get things rolling in the right direction. I will be going to Picaune Ms. Tuesday. As I write this message not one FEMA rep has visited the town and no MRE's delivered, no Salvation Army and no Red Cross. It is like no one knows they are there.

        The only help they have recieved is two bags of ice perday and a container of water per family from an organization out of Springfield Mo.

        I hope that I can do a little bit of good for these people when I get there, but I'm only one person.

        Your friend,


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          But Bush was the one that moved FEMA into Homeland Security and took away it's effectiveness.


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              There is nothing inherently wrong with putting FEMA under a comprehensive national security agency. In fact, it makes sense to coordinate their efforts and open communcation lines.

              However, there are entrenched problems with many of our governmental agencies. Call it bureaucracy, red tape, it takes great skill and leadership to make the typical federal agency efficient.

              Jimmy Carter was skilled at streamlining Georgia's government as governor in the early 1970's. He attempted to do the same at the national level when he was elected president. Unfortunately, he was fighting a system that we still struggle with. Both Republican and Democratic leaders find the bureaucracy maddening.


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                If Carter was president, he would have went there personally and got the ball rolling!


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                  President Carter is still active with Habitat for Humanity and I expect we will see him down there!


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                    Just an opinion, but what could have been done after the floods set in? True, the National Guards units were slow in responding, but they are the states' responsibility. Sure, the people were hungry and stranded, but how were the helpers (volunteers, guard units, medical, food distribution, etc.) able to get in, when in fact the roads were flooded in?

                    The Mayor of New Orleans opened up the Superdome to allow a place for the refugees to seek shelter, but after a while, the area around the Superdome became flooded.

                    I believe the emergency response was adequet enough, but was too slow to begin operations. We must remember, this was not a typical hurricame. Sure, houses and entire neighborhoods were flattened, but when you take into account a major city being flooded, then we are looking at something entirely different, as far as disasters goes.

                    We are indeed responding and helping out the best we can. But given the size (area) of the devistation, we are actually in an new area (destruction wise), that we have never seen before. This is the first time we are witnessing an emergency response of this magnitude.

                    There have been other destructive hurricanes, but those have either been complete destruction of neighborhoods to flooded areas, but never a flood of the major city. We are truely in a new territory, one which nobody has witnessed before.

                    Sure, President Bush did fly over the area, but when he finally got 'up close and personal', it was he, who got the ball rolling. The states' National Guard units did respond, but not quick enough. After Bush made his visit (on the ground), he was critical of the response efforts and by his authority, got the ball rolling on sending in Guard units nationwide.

                    Now, what we are witnessing, is an 'all out' military response that was 'ordered' by the President. Even he stated he was not happy with the initial efforts of the states' Guard units.

                    I just hope we never have the chance to see this type of destruction ever again.


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                      Well said Freedom!


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                        I know that I will get a lot of flack for asking this question. But, the question begs to be here I go:

                        Everybody is calling for prayer to help the devestated people from this national tragedy. I am sure that millions of people were praying that the storm would change course or fizzle out or not cause such widespread destruction. But it did. Despite all of the prayers mother nature caused all of this death and destruction. If millons of people praying obviouly have no effect, why pray? At what point does one conider that there might not be a diety who is in control of the universe-including the weather? At what point do you need to consider that it is only OUR actions (and not our prayers) that will save the future for these poor people?


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                          Originally posted by freedom2be:
                          We can point fingers 'til the cows come home but that won't help what happened unless we learn from it - actually learn...not just say oh yeah we did that wrong and then do nothing to change the plan for the next go 'round...

                          What we must do IMHO:

                          1. Although the Bush administration doesn't seem to fire people after they screw-up; it must fire the current head of FEMA; who BTW was a failed businessman given a political plum job in repayment of his value to the Republican Party.

                          2. Appoint a temporary head of FEMA who has disaster management experience.

                          3. Convene a commmittee to have a national search for a permanent head of FEMA that has both emergency and disaster management experience. This position must be taken out of the realm of political appointment and given to the most qualified individual available.


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                            Originally posted by Nude in the North:
                            It's spelled FEMA, not Bush.

                            Sorry, but it is spelled Bush. G.W. Bush.

                            When the president makes the appointmeent for an individual to head the agency he is responsible for picking the most qualified person. Let' look at who Bush appointed? Did the man have any emergency management experiencne? NO. Did the man have any disaster management experience? No. Did the man ever successfully lead a large government agency? NO.
                            Was the man the president appointed given a plum job in payment for service to his political party? YES.

                            Since the buck stops at the Oval Office for presidential appointees then yes, the President is responsible!


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                              Being a little further away, distance wise; it is harder for us Canadians to comment.

                              The perception that we have is that action to help the people after the hurricane passed is way too slow.

                              As was wisely suggested on another thread, after the people are helped and things are put back to some kind of order; top officials from every country need to meet and then develop strategic plans to evacuate ALL residents to safer ground in advance of a storm threat and also spend the money on infrastructure that will better protect cities, towns, and villages from weather incidents.