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  • Lack of people

    I know that I have been absent from the forum for a long time but on returning I have been reading the posts and noticed the lack of comments ffrom Florida. Where are they? I live here and I was raised here I expected to see more people from here ,due to the fine weather, to be more active in this site. OK I said my piece now its your turn FL sound off!!

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    you think fla. is lacking people, west virginia has the least amount of nudist i ever imagined. when you do find them they are so shy can't even say hi! found one and he is the best friend i ever had!! if weren't for me socializing at campgrounds i would have passed by a good friendship!


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      The truth comes out!!! No Floridians allowed. I don't know how you got on board.

      JUst joking. Still laughing.