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Butter Up or Down?

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    I am surpized that not one person picked up on the real reason toast will land butter-side down.... the clean-up! If the toast lands butter-side up is a snap. Pick up the toast and wisk up the crumbs. But God has a sence of HUMOR! God said "Let it flip over!" Not only do you now have to pick up the toast and wisk, you now have a greasy blob of semi-melted butter to clean up. A plain rag won't do. To get all the butter up you must use SOAP on the rag. And if the toast lands b-s-d on a thick pile carpet, even more clean-up fun.


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      People seem to be thinking a bit too much here?

      But, that was the point of the poll, wasn't it?

      So, what mindset do you think one has by the they they ansewered the poll question?


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        May be I can adopt some of the results of this heavy thinking to the great Australian gambling game - TWO UP.

        When flipped up in the air, which side of the coin is more likley to be on the top when it land HEADS or TAILS ?