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    Well, the 'season' has begun again with the Daytona yesterday.
    Who won, other than the advertising sponsors who reap the profits from the slathering masses from them seeing the sponsor's advertisment painted on the car as it putters by going round and round in a circle ... kind of like an ol'hound chasing his tail and just as fascinating for all of about a second.

    What's up with all the talk of 'cheating' in the first 'race' anyway? Sore losers, maybe?

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    I, for one, thought it was a great race and really enjoyed it, especially the exciting last lap. It would have been nice to see Mark get his first win at Daytona but with the way Kevin Harvick appeared out of thin air, he certainly deserved the trophy.


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      This was the only race I will watch all year...local hype probably...I would rather see I good SOLID race to the finish for maybe the last 10 laps.


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        I enjoy watching the road races and rallies on Speed, but NASCAR just doesn't interest me that much. I'd rather watch the kids doing the dirt track trying to break in bit.

        I used to have a '58 MGA that I'd rally with, and always had visions of moving up to a Jag to run at Torrey Pines, and so go the dreams of youth. Had to get rid of the MG, when my family outgrew it, grandma freaked when we came over with the baby strapped to trunk luggage rack. just kidding...

        I guess every sport but mine, fencing, has been tainted with corruption now. Too many people trying to get an edge going over the edge.

        It is discouraging though to see the drugs, and cheating that goes on in virtually all sports. Maybe it is a symptom of a nation that has lost its moral compass. Maybe, maybe not.

        Back to the MG, I'd run the hell out of it on the weekend and have to rebuild it through the week, really fragile engines. And ahrd to get parts in the USA, but then I learned that the Baby Nash had a virtually identical engine and drive train, and I'd haunt auto graveyards throughout the midwet for for blocks and heads and other parts.


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          I, too, was sorry to see that Mark Martin didn't get his much deserved win. We'll be at Daytona for the July race.


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            Originally posted by rone:
            I, too, was sorry to see that Mark Martin didn't get his much deserved win. We'll be at Daytona for the July race.

            Have fun in July! We were there in '05 but due to the long rain delay, we decided to leave before the checkered flag. Stewart had that race in hand and we had a flight to catch the next morning! We left with about 15 laps left to run and beat the drunken crowds back to our condo.

            I certainly enjoyed watching Sunday's race on TV versus being there. We've been to two 500's and they were both cold, but not as cold as Sunday.........burrrrr!


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              ALL the teams cheat ALL the time---some just get caught at it. The tech inspectors enforce the rules, not the other teams.

              I thought the yellow flag should have come out on the last lap as soon as the wreck started, that's what the rules say, and that's what happened at Talledega last year. I don't agree with NASCAR playing games with the rules to suit themselves. I have been watching races since the early 60's and have seen a lot of rubber roll on the pavement, and I don't think Bill France Sr. would approve of the way it's run today.


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                And I wonder why I just don't get the 'excitement' of the 'sport' -- not!


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                  Sheeeeeeeeeeeeee t!! "loose interpretation" of the rule book is part of NASCAR's heritige!! Ol' Smokey himself has said the thing he was proudest of was that 50% of the rules were aimed at him! And another legend was Junior got into a dispute with the inspectors about the size of his fuel cell. The inspectors had removed the cell from the car. the dispute got hotter and Junior got in the car, started it up and drove back to his garage...with the fuel cell still on the inspection floor! Doesn't that make "unknown substance" in the intake sem kindda pathetic?

                  Now that last lap. With the first twenty places separated by only two seconds, it's a minor wonder that the crash didn't happen half a race before. Having said that, the yellow should have come out as soon as the crash started. Loose interpretations is part of NASCAR's heritage. Didn't I say that once before?

                  On a differant note, I am surprized some lawyer doesn't get on NASCAR's case. National Association of STOCK Car Automobile Racing. Go Ahead. Show me ONE STOCK, REAR DRIVE, V-8 powered Camry. Ditto for Fusion. The last rear-drive Monte was 17 years ago. Strickly speaking, isn't that false advertising?