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  • Quiet Times

    What are some of the ways you like to spend your "Quiet Times"?

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    Sunning, naked of course, with a good book in my hands


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      I usually crash a couple of hours at night by watching something educational on TV: PBS, Travel, Discovery, Animal Channel, History or maybe AFV or Country-Fried Home Videos.


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        reading, meditating, communing with nature and walking the fields and woods with the dawgs. and reading. Oh, wait did I mention reading?

        Just finished rereading Penrod and Sam, before that The God Delusion, and am clearing my brain reading Warriors, a kid's animal fantasy series along the lines of Watership Down, but about feral cats.

        Next will be Iococa's book, then a reread of the Studs Lonigan trilogy by James Farrell. And at some point I've got to get both Mars and Venus series by ERB.


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          lyeing on a lawn chair with my portable radio,earphones,and a cold drink soaking up the sun.


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            Relax and catch some rays, watch some television, work out, kick back and do absolutely nothing. Did I mention doing all of the above in the nude? Oh yea, and BTW, catching up on the daily posts here again, nude.


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              Cooling under a shade tree with a good book. Yard work in the nude.


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                Naked, in my recliner, with a quite jazz cd on the stereo and reading a good book. All the while sipping George Dickle #12 or J-D Green Lable.