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    Since the upcoming political season is likely to be 'interesting' I thought you might like to read about 3 past candidates and their campaigns. (if you have any to add please do.)

    Candidate #1

    In a race between two African-Americans, Don Samuels was elected again to the Minneapolis City Council last November, despite (or thanks to) his 2004 remarks than he can effectively serve the city's blacks because he descended from "House Slaves" in the South rather than "Field Slaves".

    Candidate #2

    City Councilmember Clark Griep failed in his bid for the job as mayor of Broomfield, Colorado, despite his "October Surprise" of revealing that the incumbant mayor, Karen Stuart, had had an extra-marital affair eight years ago with him. (She denied it.)

    Candidate #3

    Former Durham, North Carolina, city councilmember, Jackie Wagstaff, was beaten in the race for mayor last fall, having run as "J-Dub" on a "gangsta" platform, promising to bring "street teens" into her administration. (Eight of the 17 mayoral and council candidates in Durham, including J-Dub had criminal records.)

    And these are our best and brightest?

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    i was going to nominate the Republicans new majority leader who in the 90s raised eyebrows while on the floor of the house was seen handing out checks froma Texaco lobbyist.

    But, I yield, yours are, well they're better.


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      This brings to mind a question that's been nagging at me for a few months now. I address it to the voters of Ohio's 2nd Congressional District:

      Jean Schmidt. I would like to know exactly what was it about her opponent in 2004 that was so vile, so reprehensible, so beyond redemption, that you made a conscious decision and actually said, "Nah, I think I'll vote for HER instead."



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        Well, actually, she barely won in a district that was a 70-80%-er for the Shrub. A very very very Red district,... no wait, why I am telling you this. You're working there

        But I loved Paul Hackett (a Fightin' Dem)her opponent. He was alll over Air America in the weeks leading to her squeaker of a special election. There's a man who calls a bonehead a bonehead.

        The Cinci area was astonishingly conservative to this boy when I was just fresh from life in Toledo (i.e. a Freshman in college). They were banning Oh Calcutta and jailing Larry Flynt. At the drugstore where I worked in HS we were dreaming of Oh Calcutta and Selling Larry Flynt. Lovely hills tho...probably where Jeanne's from.


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          Oh, my old Congressional Representative regularly exploited Gang familiarity. Rest assured dear readers, he is "my old Rep" only b/c I moved. He's still in DC, Defending both what's left of cabrini Green and the million dollar Townhomes surrounding it from the evils of the GOP. My current rep, I shall brag, is Rahm Emmanuel, head of the DCCC, ex-Clinton heavy, brother of the model for Ari on "Entourage" and himself the model for Josh Lyman in the West Wing. Basking in the Glory