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  • Employers Targets?

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    I voted yes.

    As an employer it is our duty to check out the application and verify the validity of the applicant. Also the employer is not sending in Federal Taxes for the immigrants so they are "saving" money by hiring immigrants. They need to hire tax paying citizens.

    So yes, employers should be held accountable.


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      I absolutely voted yes.

      And I have another point to say here. Not only should employer be targets of immigration, but also should be all emergency rooms (and hospitals) around the nation. For so many years the health care system of this country has been abused and taken advantage, hence the health system on the U.S. sucks.

      I work in a hospital and I have seen so many people who abused the health system of this country. I do not work in the emergency room, but if I do, I will still treat a person who needs life saving care. But once that person is stabilized and if I found he/she is an illegal, I will ask him/her to step out of the ER, anf if possible I will contact the immigration agent and report it.

      If this comments sounds too condeming to any one reading it, well, so be it. So be it.
      I am not a Caucasian or a native American Indian, and I am sick and tired of people telling me that we are all immigrants of this country unless we are a native American Indian.
      I am absolutely an immigrant of this country but I came here and worked so hard, follows the laws, pays taxes. And I hate that my tax dollars are being use to help finance the care of some lazy non law abiding people of this country.


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        I voted yes. Illegal immigration should be stopped--we have ways to let people in our country legally.


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          Yes. The government has turned a blind eye on the employers. This only encourages them to hire illegals.

          The illegals are only trying to better themselves and their families back home. 'But these employers are taking advantage of the illegals for profit. Which do you see as worse?

          Illegals should come across legally, but as long as it is so easy to cross illegally and be treated so well when they are here, they will not stop.


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            I voted yes, in order to protect the immigrants. I don't see them getting treated especially well once they get here, actually. Racism, suspicion and low wages is not exactly the royal treatment. I guess I've sounded off on this issue before so I don't guess I will "go there" I agree they shouldn't break laws but our laws could easily hold a racist or selfish tone if our leaders do not have just a whole lot of integrity. And I guess it breaks down to the fact that pretty much anyone would break the law to provide for their family if they saw no other way. I would encourage reform here in the states to make it easier, safer and more protective for all parties involved with border crossing, and aid to Mexico to improve quality of life so they wouldn't feel the need to leave their country to begin with.

            I think employers must have a responsibility when it comes to hiring illegals. I know too many people who intentionally hire illegals so they can get away with paying them less. I understand the need to minimize costs, especially for independent contractors who struggle between contracts...but it's not right to pass the buck onto these people who are even worse off than the contractors. I also know Mexican-Americans who have lost jobs to the illegals because they can't afford to work as cheap as they will. That's bad too. It's a very complicated issue. But back to the original poll question, yes, because this puts more pressure on the employer to be responsible and not take advantage of the illegals (at least I think it would)


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              I voted no. "Illegal" immigration is not a problem, xenophobia is. We are the nation of immigrants and I hope that doesn't change.


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                I also vote no on this question. Employers should be utilized in the straightening out of our immigration laws when we get some reasonable ones that permit viable levels of legal immigration.

                It is hard to argue that the nation as a whole, is hurting economically as a result of the immigrant population that we currently have, legal or otherwise. Most areas with high immigration are doing better than areas of low immigration.

                Immigration quiz: Are you rich? Are you educated, i.e. a doctor, lawyer, engineer, etc? Last chance: Are you related to someone who is already a US citizen and remember, uncles, cousins and in-laws don't count? If you are one of the tired, the poor or the huddled masses, go to the end of that line over there that is about 10 miles long to wait for a chance that might let in about 4 of them.

                Refugee? Remember, by definition, we can't take anyone as a refugee from a country that we are friendly with because that would mean there is something wrong with that country and that can't be.

                When our parents or grandparents or however far back came here, allowed legal immigration more nearly matched demand. And they still got the dirtiest, lowest paying jobs and still got accused of taking jobs from "Americans".

                They do pay many taxes in many ways: sales tax, their landlord pays tax, there may well be taxes withheld on their pay to fake Social Security numbers, etc. They are not lazy. You can't accuse them of taking jobs and say they are lazy in the same breath. One just told me the other day, that he couldn't get health insurance because he didn't have a SS#. We marginalize them and then want to punish them for being marginalized? They would particpate fully in the system if we would let them. Legalize them, don't criminalize them.


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                  I also voted Yes!

                  Not only is it illegal to hire these folks it is part of the reason the average working class family has to work two or more jobs to keep up with the cost of living. The illegals are doing more of the jobs Americans used to do because they are willing to do them for below minimum wage or at least below the wage a person can feed a family on. They are under cutting the hard won gains of previous generations. Also since they are illegal the are unlikely to complain about unsafe working conditions or practices, sounds a lot like slave labor to me.

                  This is one of the reasons the middle class is shrinking and we are more and more becoming a society of haves and have nots. The American dream is becoming less and less attainable for the average person. Now don't get me wrong I am all for LEGAL immigration. My father immigrated to this country and had to take citizenship classes and learn another language. He takes great pride in being an American but he did it the right way. He stood in line and went through the proper procedures legally.

                  My 13 year old son put it best. He said it's like the country is our house. We can invite in anyone we want to but no one has the right to break into our house and live in it with out our permission. From the mouths of babes. Common sense is an uncommon virtue.


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                    Yes, I have no issues with immigrants, as Jon pointed out... we are a nation of them. However my family entered the US legally from Germany just before the outbreak of WW2. They waited in line to get thier cards as have most ofter families here. Why should they be any different?


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                      Simply........Yes. There is no need to post anymore, many have already posted what I would have used for my argument to vote that way.


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                        92% say employers should be targets of crimminal proceedings for employing illegal aliens thus far.