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making wine from grape juice

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  • making wine from grape juice

    I am currently harvesting a huge bunch of Concord grapes and have about 12 gallons of juice. I can get recipes for wine off the internet, but I am just wondering if anyone on here has made wine from juice and the success they had with doing so.

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    Have you made wine before? I made some years ago using a wine making kit I received as a gift. I never used fresh grape juice. I used the canned concentrated juice that came with the kit. Then bought more when that was gone. I made several batches over a few years.


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      I have made blackberry and dandelion wine before, but that was some years ago, before internet. I do not have any winemaking supplies at all currently. There are several wineries in my area, and I thought about making a visit to see if they have stuff for home brewing.