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  • MLK holiday

    Hello everyone. I would like to wish everyone a nice,safe and relaxed day today for those who are observing the MLK holiday.

    Ken Palmer

    P.S.- Sorry this is a little late! Computer problems again!

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    Back at ya Ken. We have the day off (County), but not everyone observes the holiday. Hope you have a great day


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      Enjoy your day off of work. For retirees ... everyday can be a Holiday!


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        As long as every day can be a nude day, then I think I'll enjoy retirement, If I make it that long. But MLK day has been a nude one!


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          Well ... I don't know about that ... "as long as everyday can be a nude day..." We're naked every minute we are able but we still have to wear clothes and go out into the textile world. Today I had a doctors appointment and the lunch with my lovely wife and then came home, slipped on some shorts and a t shirt and headed to my 2 hr massage. We have many more naked days than you'd think but we still gotta put them on occasionally!