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Nudist/clothing optional property for sale.

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  • Nudist/clothing optional property for sale.

    If you were interested in buying a nudist/clothing optional property somewhere in the world, how would you try to find this kind of real estate? After 15 years in Costa Rica, building and developing our "Clothing Optional Costa Rica" business, we want to move back to the US, mainly to be closer to family. So far, we have not found the "obvious" place to advertise a small resort/individual apartments which cater to those who like to enjoy life clothes free. Ideas will be much appreciated. Thank you!

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    AANR has a real estate section in their monthly bulletin, so you might try that. Also, in Pasco county, FL there are several real estate agents specializing in clothing optional properties which might be interested or have some recommendations...I never met a realtor who didn't like a referral fee. You can find their contact info on club websites like Caliente, Tampa and Lake Como. One even had a short run series on TV called Buying Nude - Jackie Youngblood. Good luck.
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      There's a newspaper which caters to Florida's residential nudist community and it's also online

      You'll find real estate in there.


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        I would be happy to promote the details of your property for sale on my blog as well. The most important things I believe people are going to want to know:

        Value of the property? (an appraisal)
        Do you "own" the property or lease it? (I know some countries restrict property ownership by foreigners)
        Annual operating expenses?
        What sort of insurance coverage does it require? (liability, disaster, etc.)
        Year-by-year increases or decreases in guest attendance? (growth)
        Outstanding advertising contracts? (obligations not about to end)

        Has the clothing-optional status been granted to THE PROPERTY+CURRENT OWNERS, or can it be transferred? (i.e. if a new owner would have to go through a lengthy approval process to keep the business in its same category)

        There are other places to advertise a clothing-optional, clothing-free property for sale, and I would prefer to give you one I know of in a private message.


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          The original post says "somewhere in the world". For clothing-optional life I am inclined to think that largely excludes the United States, in view of the pervasiveness of hypocritical attitudes towards the human body and the heavy-handedness of lawmakers and law enforcers, even when they are ignorant about the laws they pretend to enforce.
          Sorry to see that Costa Rica has not met all requirements (in all probability there will be nowhere in the world that does). It is a lovely country.


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            The most obvious suggestions are to place ads in national Naturist publications such as the AANR Bulletin and N Magazine in the US, and their equivalents in other countries. Beyond that Travel publications and websites might be good options, even though they don't specialize in Naturist travel. I'm sure there are also international listings of resort properties for sale, no reason a naturist venue shouldn't be listed:

            If you know a very clever videographer you could take a stab at viral marketing - I'm thinking a funny "Austin Powers" type scene that shows off the property and makes the nudity implicit - but is strategically tame enough for Facebook and all ages YouTube.


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              Just to dream of such a property helps me survive another day of this unbelievable , insane and brutal winter.
              Thanks for sharing.