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  • A question about today's photo

    Hello everyone. I have a question about today's photo(June 20th,2015). It states "Use it or lose it; support nude beaches." My question is how do we go about doing that? Do they mean financially or participating in lobbying groups or possibly creation legislation which would give more protection to nude or clothing-optional beaches? I am just curious. I hope this doesn't sound like an oddball question or subject to discuss. I myself would love to give my support to preserving both nude beaches and our seemingly wavering nudist clubs/resorts, but I am simply unaware of how to go about doing that. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

    Ken Palmer

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    It certainly is refreshing to see nudists encouraged to use their freedom rather than be told "don't use it or you will lose it".

    In this case I think it merely means that when we have free beaches available that we need make sure that remain popular and used by nudists rather than abandon them to the people who would get them shut down. But even that doesn't always work - look at Higbee beach in NJ and Lighthouse beach in NY. And of course Mazo is in danger now too - the Wisconsin DNR has restricted use by closing it during the week and reducing weekend hours, and blame it on bad elements.