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2016 US Presidential Candidates Views on Naturism

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  • 2016 US Presidential Candidates Views on Naturism

    I believe reports indicate that Joe Bieden is an avid skinnydipper.

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    Much to my disappointment, Joe Biden decided not to run despite a strong effort to draft him as a candidate.

    More about Joe's skinnydipping can be found here.

    The political press is tittering over the idea of the vice president skinny-dipping—and missing the real news in a forthcoming book on his Secret Service detail.

    I really do like Joe. I generally found myself in agreement with him on most political issues. He was one of very few politicians who recommended allowing Iraq to split into Sunni, Shia, and Kurdish states. If that had happened, Isis might never have risen.


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      Funny thing, last weekend I went to a candidate's session and met a fellow Cedar Waters member there.....but no we did not ask about nudism.

      The candidates most likely to be opposed to nudism are those who have linked up with environmentalist groups - who use all sorts of tactics to get nude beaches closed.

      The most common tactic here in the east is that they play the "piping plover card". The piping plover is a species of bird that is "threatened" - or "endangered" - and - when a nesting pair settles in on a beach, environmental / bird watchers jump in and demand closure of miles of beach - often isolated and used for nude recreation -be closed down.

      No politician dares to buck these groups. These "nature loving" groups are NOT the friends of nude recreation on public lands.
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