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  • Heat wave!

    Hello everyone. From the looks of things, there is a humongous heat wave covering and affecting at least 26 states. Out here in Southern California, we are pretty much baking in over 100 degree temperarures as to be expected. And to make matter worse, there is a huge 33,000 acre brush fire burning in the Santa Clarita area which has been dubbed "The Sand Fire." Naturally, the high temperatures along with the dry vegetation has greatly intensified the entire situation. Anyway, I was wondering how the rest of you here on the forum were holding up under this relentless heat wave. I realize everyone on here does not live in California. I just thought I would mention that point.

    Ken Palmer

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    hey ken. Warmer than normal here in Central Fla. Many days with temps ranging from 95-100. Usually July will average around 90 so we are kind of used to it. Often we get a short light rain in the late afternoon or early evening. Drops the temperature at least 15 degrees for a short time. Our resort wants to make sure people are safe. They post signs asking people to stay hydrated, wear hats and sunglasses if possible and don't forget the sun screen. Umbrellas are open at the pool for those who wish not to sit in direct sun. The pool is generally full with people with head and eye protection. A local dermatologist comes periodically to provide free skin screenings for residents and guests. Got to be smart about everything. Cant convince me there is no global warming!


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      Last week we were in near 100 in NC. Much cooler this week.