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Labor Day!

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  • Labor Day!

    I am wishing you all and your families a very safe and Happy Labor Day holiday!

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    Thanks Ken, and the same to you!

    ​We are having some renovation done to our backyard starting tomorrow, Tuesday the 5th. The Prof and I have been moving yard decorations, moving potted succulents and plants and moving yard and patio furniture in an effort to give the workers plenty of space to work. I never knew how much crap we had back there til we began moving it all! hahaha

    ​Today, the holiday, we'll relax and not do too much. We've been working on this project since last Friday and trying to do so at the cooler times of the day, which haven't been that often. Temps in the 100's + and upwards of 114 a couple of those days! We elected to wait until 9pm when it finally got down to 90 degrees to do some, on day!

    ​All the work is done and so today is a relax and probably lie in the sun with scattered clouds day!

    ​Happy Labor Day to you and yours Ken.


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      Likewise, thanks Ken. Appreciate all the well wishes you do.

      It was a really nice weekend about Casa Nudkin. Of note was something of a household breakthrough of sorts. Only one of the kids still lives at home at 19 and the rule is that when she's here, clothing is not optional. There have been one or two experiments with backyard nudity while she was here but they were short lived. On Saturday, she was gone and I was out back relaxing by the pool when she came over with a friend. Usually, that requires a quick cover up. But this day, the blinds were closed and I was left enjoying the sun. I didn't even know she was home until I came in for a break. Still not at total freedom, but I consider that progress.