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Columbus Day holiday

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  • Columbus Day holiday

    Hello everyone. I hope all is well with everyone and their families. I am wishing you all a safe and Happy Columbus Day. Enjoy the day as best as you can, whether it be relaxing out in the sun or out on or near the water!

    Ken Palmer

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    I thought "Columbus Day" was deemed racist and evil now. Oh well, still a day off for me. They can call it whatever they want. I'll call it Naked No Work Monday. Tomorrow will be Naked Back To Work Tuesday...and so on.


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      Thanks for the thoughts, as always, Ken!

      ​Just some personal thoughts on this holiday. Some will scoff at PC (political correctness). I don't see being PC as something negative but having some manners and respect for many others in this country that may have an issue with this holiday and who we honor and a different point of view, an alternate point of view on any subject being discussed. As more history continues to unfold and the truth shared, we find out more and more about Christopher Columbus, it may very well be time to rethink the name of this holiday.

      ​Being of Native American decent, I'd like us to put more thought into what happened to those people and their constant struggle today. Maybe we rename the holiday ... does it matter that it's called something different? You still get the day off and I'd bet many, if not most, people don't know much at all about C. Columbus except that it's a day you get off work.

      ​In the end, you don't have to agree with any of it but at least acknowledge it from both sides and try and understand the other side. Far too many times, many close their eyes and brain to both sides of the story or argument and the respect you expect, isn't returned. Just food for thought.

      Hope you all had a happy day off from work!
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