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Superbowl Sunday!

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  • Superbowl Sunday!

    Well, the big game in Minnesota begins very shortly. May the best team win! For those of you watching it, enjoy the game!

    Ken Palmer

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    Thanks Ken! We had a Super Bowl party ... all textile!

    ​It was a long weekend! My sister in law was here from Saturday, late morning, until Wednesday morning. We were minimally dressed but not naked and we were glad she came to visit but even more glad when she left and we got back to normal! She no sooner pulled away from the curb and my wife and I were stripping! D

    ​I don't like the same team in the Super Bowl each year and I don't like that same team to win if they are in it. I'm not a Pats fan and don't like some of the things that they have been accused of doing to win games. Be that as it may, it was a good game and our party crowd was glad the Eagles prevailed for their first Super Bowl win!

    Congrats to the Eagles and their fans!