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  • Going back to school

    My wife and I are grandparents to two boys who will be home schooled this year because of COVID-19. We currently take care of the boys two or three days per week and will be tasked with becoming teachers as well this school year. It naturally cuts into my nude time, but that's OK. Does anyone out there have advice as to how to keep them interested and motivated? I know that we can accomplish the "book" learnin' in the time we have, but I'd like to be able to incorporate that more into daily life.

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    Keep them interested in what?


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      Becoming educated enough to thrive in this world. It takes more than readin', writin', and arithmetic to do so.


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        what are their ages? I am an entertainer that has done video reading shows for local libraries,


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          Seven and Four. The older one likes to shadow Grandpa no matter what I am doing, The younger is more addicted to his tablet.


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            My videos are perfect for that age.
            they are short in length, educational, entertaining and encourages reading.
            To make you feel safe on who I am here is my website
            if you want me to send you the videos just let me know.

            peace. Bob.
            im a nudist. My wife is not. She supports my lifestyle at home


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              Hi, my son will be doing elearning to and I asked his techer this same question. He said the best thing is to make sure you have set time as school time and set time as play time and give breaks.