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  • Hello, new user here

    Hello, my name is Jacob Zeier. I was a male born on December 27, 1992.

    Although I am not a true nudist, I really respect and like nudism and I love being naked. 🥰

    I have unique views which are bizarre and could easily be taken the wrong way by probably most people, particularly textiles even though I'm a textile myself, even some nudists may not agree with me either. 😔

    My views are mainly about genitalia, nudity, being gay/straight/lesbian which could easily be seen as backwards logic or outright nonsense, particularly by textiles. 😱

    I have views regarding children as well which most people, particularly textiles, will probably automatically think I'm some pedosexual sicko, which I am not! 😠

    I was a little boy, too and I feel I've been "sexually abused" by being taught the wrong things early in life. I like little kids and I want to befriend and protect them from the pedosexual sickos and mean-spirited and fearful adults who mistreat and miseducate them. 😥

    I am trying to better the world, not worsen it, by expressing and explaining my opinions and relatively new concepts that hopefully some people out there, particularly nudists, would agree with! 😇

    This post is solely an introduction about me and what I stand for, so please keep comments and replies to a minimum. 😐

    I am planning on posting topics that express my opinions and ideas where I will go in depth with what I believe and thereon hopefully I will recieve mostly positive feedback from other members of this website. 😊​