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    Originally posted by Nu:
    I recall seeing a movie about the event.

    There were scenes of skinnydipping (and I believe nude frisbee tossing.) These participants were really enjoying the experience.) It made the viewer wish they had been there and been part of this.
    The movie is available on DVD. It's consided to be among the best concert films ever made (I'd put it in my top 5). The film shows some of the negatives as well as the positive aspects of the festival, plenty of music, and does give a sense of the "vibe" that was what really separated the original concert from the attempts at anniversary "Woodstocks".

    I was too young to go (6 years old at the time), one of my sisters claims she tried to go, but couldn't get there due to closed roads. One friend went but, like others, doesn't remember much.

    If I remember correctly, although they weren't really out to make a profit, the organizers took a bath financially on the festival itself and didn't recoup their investments until the album and movie sales paid off years later.

    My niece has been to Bonaroo, and from what she says and from info I've seen on the web about it, it does look like the closest thing to Woodstock since the original concert, but no cigar.

    Dave C.


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      I have an album (on vinyl - 3 record set..), here somewhere;
      and I've seen that movie/documentary a few times - dope and LSD were also a part of many peoples' 'freedom' experiences as well, and well in evidence in the movie..

      I reckon the nudity was incidental to the festival itself, (and not a central issue..), and just another one of these 'freedoms' some of the participants were enjoying there.


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        The movie is also available to watch,FOR FREE on a few movie download sites.
        Great music wish I was there to watch Jimi do that to his guitar live.Mind you if I was there I probably would not remember it.



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          The closest I came to Woodstock was attending an Elementary school here with that same name.

          Go Woodchucks!

          Bob S.


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            Dadburnit, yeh youn' fellers is a'making me feel old wit' all this 'it happened afore I was born'd' stuff yeh bea yammering on about!