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November's Daze

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  • November's Daze

    Here's to the days we celebrate in November:

    01 Fig Day
    02 Plan your Epitaph Day
    03 Sadie Hawkens Day
    04 National Chicken Lady Day
    05 Fall Ball Day
    06 International Day for Preventing the Exploitation of the Environment in War and Armed Conflict
    07 Election Day
    08 Cook Something Bold and Pungent Day
    09 Vietnam Veteran's Memorial Day
    10 Marine Corps Birthday
    11 Veteran's Day
    12 I Need A Patch For That Day
    13 World Kindness Day
    14 Loosen Up, Lighten Up Day
    15 Great American Smokeout
    16 International Day for Tolerance
    17 Homemade Bread Day
    18 Mickey Mouse Day
    19 Have A Bad Day Day
    20 Name Your PC Day
    21 Pumpkin Pie Day
    22 Turkey Day
    23 Buy Nothing Day
    24 International Aura Awarness Day
    25 Alascattalo Day
    26 Have A Conversation Day
    27 Rockefeller Center Xmas Tree Lighting Day
    28 World Traveler's Day
    29 Bearskin Rug Day
    30 Stay Home Because You're Well Day

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    Thanks, nacktman:

    These posts are always interesting.

    I think I will miss dinner on the 8th.


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      Since today is Epitaph day:

      Here's a link to some of the great epitaphs

      Some of my favs....

      From Kipling for fallen warriors of WWI – appropriate for all fallen warriors of all lands in all of man’s foolish wars unto this day!

      "From little towns in a far land we came
      To save our honour and a world aflame.
      By little towns in a far land we sleep
      And trust the world we won for you to keep."

      Infant in Vermont

      "Here lies our darling baby boy
      He never cries or hollers
      He lived for one and twenty days
      And cost us forty dollars."

      "Here lies George Johnson
      Hanged by mistake, 1882
      He was right
      We was wrong
      But we strung him up
      And now he's gone"

      Harry Edsel Smith (unknown) - 1903-1942
      "Looked up the elevator shaft
      To see
      If the car was on the way down.
      It was."

      All of which makes me think of my alltime favorite tombstone. It adorns a dead child's grave in Hayward, California.

      A weeping angel, with wings unfurled and bowed head with arms grasping the child's tombstone.


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        Well, I can help Nov 8th. if you need any sauce to spice up your meal. I even have the Source if you're totally nuts!


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          Nov. 9-10 also represents the 68th anniversary of what was then known as Kristallnacht, a time when the anti-semitism of 1938 Germany and Austria exploded in violence and destruction in the overnight hours.

          Read more at wikipedia.

          Bob S.


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            On this day in 1775, the Marine Corps was formed by an act of Congress and recruiting began immediately in Philadelphia at Tun Tavern, a combination slop chute and brothel.

            It is said with some truth, that good marines have never been far from either one since.


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              And on next February 27, Marines and their history buffs can mark the 470th anniversary of Marines world history

              (I guess there has been a slight change in uniform style since 1537!)

              More info here:


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                ...there has been a slight change in uniform style since 1537...
                ESPECIALLY the choice of weapon in the right hand... LOL!