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Ron Paul the next US president?

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  • Ron Paul the next US president?

    If you want to see something special, go on YouTube and watch Ron Paul: Stop dreaming.

    The video is really great. I am not a conservative but the USA would be in far better shape and far more respected as a nation with Ron Paul as a president.

    Ron Paul: Stop dreaming

    20,000 volunteers for Ron Paul

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    I like Ron Paul, he is a breath of fresh air and unlike John McCain a genuine straight shooter. He is also apparently the choice of the majority of Republicans in uniform. I don't agree with his extreme libertarian agenda, but I do appreciate him.


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      To answer the question, No! In fact Congressman Paul will not be the next GOP candidate for president, any more than Biden or Richardson will be the Democratic candidate.

      Ron Paul is a neat guy and completely honest in his convictions, but, I can tell you this. There are moments when his eyes get that stare as though he's hearing voices from a planet in a galaxy quite a way off and the veins in his neck become as thick and taut as ship's hawsers and you kind of of wonder if you want this guy having access to the football.

      But, again, he is a very modest, humble, likable sort of guy, who really cares---he sure as hell couldn't be any worse and is assuredly much saner than the dark princeling with the withered and blackened soul now squatting in the W.H..

      I'd love to see he and Nader in a debate--that would be one interesting back and forth.


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        According to some article, the support for Ron Paul is quite strong, he may even may be the most popular republican candidate.

        I think that if he is elected president, it would be quite a revolution.


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          Agree, Mark and usmc. I like Ron Paul and I like what he has done and what he advocates. I agree his libertarian stance wouldn't go far as libertarianism cannot work in a capitalistic society.

          Eric, yes, if he was elected, it would be quite a revolution of a totally different kind; unlike any we have ever known's the big but ...... with our current make-up in Congress, he wouldn't get very far. Our country and our government as it is set up now could never have a Ron Paul sort in office. It would cut the grain of the current police-state now in tow. Even among many citizens, he wouldn't fly as many think government should be in charge of everything.....including our homes and our personhood.

          Wish we could stop "dreaming"!


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            Ron Paul has not yet made a name for himself in international circles.

            Perhaps, the U.S. will have their first female president.
            Then, Bill would be the first, first gentleman?


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              Originally posted by Nu:
              Ron Paul has not yet made a name for himself in international circles.

              I heard on a news program today that Ron Paul has given us his opinion regarding "global warming" on Mars and Uranus. Paul opined that the recently observed rising temperature on those worlds is caused by the space aliens' failure to sign the Koyoto Accord, by their driving SUVs and not recycling.

              I'm sure he's right. Ron Paul for President.




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                About "Global warming", nothing is sure. What we see is a lot of extreme climate in differents places.

                For example, in Quebec, this summer is quite cold. We had less than 10 days with a temperature higher than 25C or 77F. It is one of the coldest summer I can remember of. Usually, we have quite hot and humid days in summer.

                In most of France also they had very cold days this summer. In July in Beordeaux, people complained that it was the coldest July in 50 years and that it was looking more like october than july. A lot of the French took vacation to Spain and Marroko for warmer temperature. Only the extreme south of France remains relatively warm, but I do not listen to weather France regularly.

                I heard also about pole shifts and warming on other planets of our solar system.

                That does not mean that there are not very serious ecology problems.

                We need to care about our planet if we want to survive.

                The french agronome Claude Bourguignon (specialist in agriculture) says that the plants and the animals are very sick because the agriculture is not respectfull of the ecology like it was a century ago. So we do not know when humans will get very sick like the animals we raise for food, but our interest would be to be more respectfull of the nature that we are part of.


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                  I watched part of the Republican debate this morning an ABC news and some of these guys had military views that make Bush look like a pacifist. I was astonished at how hard of a line some of these guys are willing to take.


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                    I saw a picture of all the nominees lined up from the gop and the caption read

                    "A mile wide and an inch deep"

                    The caption was alluding to the moral and ethical character of the candidates and it was pointed out the depth was only that deep due to Ron Paul the rest had no depth whatsoever.

                    The photo was on a gop-camp website to boot!
                    Imagine what the Democrats feel about the depth of character of the gop nominees!?!


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                      Some of these guys sound like they think that Bush hasn't hit the terrorists hard enough in Pakistan and might end up wanting to drop bombs on northern Pakistan. Some of these guys could end up bringing down the government of Pakistan and then the militant religious leaders would be in power. Almost looked cartoonish, if this wasn't so serious.


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                        Originally posted by MJ_KC:
                        I watched part of the Republican debate this morning an ABC news and some of these guys had military views that make Bush look like a pacifist. I was astonished at how hard of a line some of these guys are willing to take.
                        However, Ron Paul is very against the war in Irak and Afghanisthan.


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                          Ron Who ?


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                            Ron Who ?
                            Here is a link to help answer that question.
                            Info on Ron Paul


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                              Ron Paul may be relatively moderate compared to other Republican hopefuls, but he still has those same ol' conservative policies that would be so detrimental to the bottom 40% of your population - lower taxation, smaller government, anti-medicare/pro-big business, less spending on education and welfare, cutting ties to WHO and UN (and then increasing isolationist/protectionist policies?), and so on...

                              Ron Paul doesn't get much international press. The candidates getting most overseas press coverage would be Clinton, Obama, McCain (and Edwards ?)..