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  • Microsoft Vista

    Anyone care to get a pool going to guess the date Microsoft will issue it's first Vistas patch?

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    The second Tuesday of the week!
    Oh, wait there's a bug in my Microsoft Vista calendar.


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      Once they have met their initial sales quota.


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        It's a Microsoft product - you have to wait at least a year. Then after service pack 2 and 3 and 30 or 40 security updates you'll be forced to get Vista as there probably will be no backward compatibility with any other version of Windows.


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          Actually, I have a friend who belly dances at the local RenFaire that is a Microsoft programer and she told me the first "patch" for VISTA is already ready for distribution and I can get it now.


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            Patches to fix security vulnerabilities and other issues will probably be coming out on a near-continuous basis, based on how often new threats are discovered.

            The first Service Pack is speculated to be released sometime in the 2nd half of this year. It remains to be seen how extensive it will be.



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              Unwired. You are my techo-hero! Thanks for the information.


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                Microsoft Vista crashed my computer...I bought the new Microsoft Vista Home Premium Upgrade...only $149 at walmart..I had already ran the pre-test on my less than a year old computer to see if it was compatible...Microsoft said it was safe to upgrade my current OS Windows XP to i started my download...everything looked like it was going along just fine...and then about 20 minutes into the just stopped the download and my computer crashed...I tried everything I knew to recover it...I had to take it down to my local computer store where my computer guru told me I was the 4th one this week he had to repair because of a Vista Upgrade problem...he managed to save my data ( I did have my computer backed up to an external hard drive just in i wasn't in a complete panic...just pissed at Microsoft...and myself for falling for another Microsoft now my computer is back where it was on XP...Bill Gates has my $149...( Thanks Bill for another hosejob) computer store has my $45 service charge...oh well...we live and my case..I learn over and over everytime I run out and buy into the hype of another fantastic new OS from Microsoft...duh...silly me...let the buyer Microsoft from nigeria...I keep getting these e-mails...LOL


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                  No crashing, no viruses, no patches, no worries...


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                    Apple just announced a problem with its i-Pod's and compatibility with the Vista Operating system.

                    If XP is working for you there is no reason to change, upgrade, or spend hundreds for a few GUI bells and whistles which require more resources, RAM, CPU, Communications, Network, and Video bandwidth for the average home user.

                    Bloatware .. Do you really need it?

                    links to i-Pod compatibility problems with Vista.

                    BTW Dr. Surfer Dude, Forum user " Jason Lee" is always complaining of non compatibility with simple downloads or common windows downloads, spell checkers, and audio/video programs and codec’s not working on his apple or browser that are mentioned in the forums.

                    Apple is only 5-8% of world wide PC's out there. Many software programs are not coded for apple or available at common computer or warehouse stores. Apple use to be king at desktop publishing, video editing but not anymore. Apple hardware, firmware, and software is premium priced and OEM different enough to be not available on store shelves except at authorized apple and premium priced outlets. Most non technical or non computer nerds do say apple operating systems and graphical user interface is easier to operate and master for the average non computer types who just want to use and don’t want to be internal or operating system savvy like many windows PC owners are.

                    I understand that late or recent apple systems will run windows operating system and you can set up an apple to be a dual boot windows or Apple operating system machine, but havent heard how compatable or efficient windows software and operating systems run on those machines since apple went to intel based chipsets and CPU's.


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                      Really dont understand WHY you so like to have a problems. Do You really have a computers with 2 Terabait RAM and have no a better use of it? Or You think existing 4Gigabaits what is least minimums for Bil`s wunderkind is worth to have a no-named mytical "benefits"??
                      We have here in local dc++ some (allready!!) cracked versions of Vista (oh poor guy Bill), but as mine RAM is ONLY 1 Giga and frequency ONLY 4 GigaHertz I have no an idea I can get something good upgrading. And no worth to risk because daddy Bill have stated - DOWNGRADE IS COMPLETELY UNPOSSIBLE for any kind of "secreted source code" products made by him.


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                        All those comments above confirm for me my wisdom in habitually staying about 12 to 18 month behind the curl of new tech waves.


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                          I think I'll give Vista a try once SP2 comes out. Maybe. It seems a bit of a resource hog, even if it is pretty. Also, Microsoft's courting of the "content providers," i.e RIAA and MPAA affiliated companies and others, has led them to include a lot of code focused on handling DRM instead of user productivity. An interesing read of the subject is available here.

                          If Vista and the machines it runs on can handle real work, in addition to making sure no media company loses a penny, there might be celebration throughout the land. But I have a feeling that it will not be Vista, but "Vista + 1" that is the stable, favored OS. Windows 2000 needed work (including 4 service packs), then along came XP ("Windows 2000 + 1")and by SP2 XP is a very good OS.

                          As far as Apple goes, they have an OS that's very simple compared to the MS offering. I haven't had much trouble at all getting the various video codecs and chat software and browser plugins and so forth running on my old iBook. But Apple doesn't worry too much about maintaining code compatibility with software built to run on 20 year old hardware; MS does. Apple doesn't try to be all things to all people; MS does. Software installation and uninstallation on a Mac is dead simple, and just about everything written for the Mac is very nice to look at. Still, Apple will likely never have the market share commanded by Windows, nor do I think Apple wants it. Apple seems mostly interested in creating cool products for a loyal customer base and when they reach what they feel is the maximum market penetration for any product line, they branch into something new, like personal audio or phones. (If you haven't seen the iPhone demos on, you should check them out.)

                          Whatever you use, use it nude!



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                            Better than Vista?


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                              Originally posted by DoctorSurferDude:
                              I am in oneness with my Mac brother.

                              I didn't have to repost the image in my reply, but it's just so cool...