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Microsoft Office 2007.

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  • Microsoft Office 2007.

    Anyone has it?

    If so, how do you like it and have you notice any big time bugs?

    I like the fact that Excel has increased the number of rows and columns it has and am womdering if it's worthwhile getting it.

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    If you do any bookkeeping, mathematics or do some heavy duty columnar type work that is cumbersome in MS Word, you can use Excel. It was the major tool for when I worked as an engineer. I've set up whole plant simulations on it and a complete bookkeeping system for a small business that my wife ran in Baton Rouge.

    I now have the bookkeeping of our housing association on it. My wife keeps a monthly/yearly ledger on it that I set up for her. Before that, she'd do a double entry ledger completely by hand.

    It'll do some fairly heavy duty database stuff, and I find it FAR more user friendly than the really heavy duty ones like Access.

    I set up the church database on it. It's far easier to go to a directory from Excel than from Word. You can lay out where you want all the entries to appear, etc. and end up with an MS Word directory. It's far easier to make the corrections, etc. in Excel though. You can easily search for things and sort things in Excel.


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      Actually, we were kind of hoping you would get it and find the bugs for us...



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        Originally posted by RalphVa:
        It'll do some fairly heavy duty database stuff, and I find it FAR more user friendly than the really heavy duty ones like Access.

        I consider that comment kind of funny. Access is a very light duty database. That it why it is part of MS Office.

        A better database is MS Visual FoxPro and even better is MS SQL.


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          I work in IT and I've asked around with other IT Pros. The general consensus is "don't upgrade to Office 2007 unless you find that 2007 has a particular feature that you need".

          At this point, Office 2002 or 2003 are more stable and will suit 99.9% of the people out there. Office 2007 adds some bells and whistles, changes the interfaces some, but most people won't need the additions and you will lose more worker productivity trying to teach them the new interface than it is worth.

          My company is sticking with Office 2003 running on WinXP until at least mid-2008. We'll re-evaluate it then.

          Hope that helps.

          Stay nude.



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            I use OpenOffice

            It's free, does just about everything that MS Office does for my needs..

            And it's not Microsoft!



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              We upgraded to Office 2007 recently and have not found any serious "improvements'. Mostly things are just changed around but in effect , do the same.

              I agree with the above, don't upgrade to Office 2007 if you already have Office 2003.

              One bug which has carried forward from 2003 is in Excel. Sometimes if a cell is clicked on the selected cell is stuck and when I move the mouse away from the cell it holds the selection and just makes all cells that the mouse moves over also selected. The only way I found to stop it is to move back to the original cell selected and repeatedly press the roller wheel.



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                Any ideas on an effective Spam blocker?


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                  Your tech question would probably be better served in the new forum "Tech Talk" that PascoDoug initiated recently. I'll move it for you if you don't mind.

                  Check the links below for "Spam Blockers"

                  Microsoft has a couple of free Down Loads on the 1st link, and Cnet and Zdnet have several good ones available as free D/L's

                  If you need a very good [and free for home use] Anti "Virus, Worm, and Trojan" Scanner and program check out AVG Ver 7.5 listed on ZD as well as Cnet downloads or by search on any Search Portal.

                  Hope you find something that suites your needs.








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                    As further I live as more I feel that best softwear WAS such like Windows 3.11 and Office 6.0


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                      Im an engineering major at a major university in the US. There is somewhat of a learning curve upgrading to 2007, but i think its well worth it. I think after you learn to use it, you will find that it has TON more features. Everything just looks so much better and it has buttons to do everything for you. One major improvement is image editing. Its a breeze to edit pics in office now. If you have any particuler questions feel free to PM me.


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                        I purchased MS Office Home & Student 2007 (Excel, Word, Powerpoint, & One Note) shortly after it became available. [the newest version I had at home was 97 ] While I will agree with many of the posters that it doesn't do a whole lot more than Office 2003, the new interface just blows me away. It is evident to me that Microsoft spent a lot of time and money determining where people expect to find the function that they want. My wife, who usually doesn't like re-learning how to do something really thinks that Office is now more sensibly arranged than before.

                        I noticed that Microsoft took a page from the Shareware world. You can download a fully functional version of Office and use it for ninety days. I did notice one odd thing though, it was $20 cheaper to buy a physical copy than to purchase a license to keep the downloaded copy running.


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                          I too have Microsoft Office 2007 and 2007 for my mac. I think the new design and the new features are great but the size of the program is almost double of MS Office 2003. I had to install it on my server because of its large size.


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                            I've received files from folks using MS Word 2007 that I couldn't read. Think there's an option to Save As Office 2003 that you need to use to share files with others. Think the new file type is called Docx.

                            Those with Vista apparently can't read the WAB files generated out of Outlook Express. I had to convert one to a CSV file for the Vista user to be able to use it.


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                              I have to add that Dell has fully acknowledged that Office 2007 is NOT compatible on a Vista machine. If you order a Dell with Vista and Office 2007 they will NOT install Office. They'll ship you the software separately.

                              Personally I haven't seen any reason what so ever to upgrade to either of them but hey, who am I anyway.