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  • Drivers for hp printer

    I have an hp officejet 8500 printer and a new tower. Somehow, I misplaced the installation disc for the printer and it won't work on the new tower. I tried downloading from hp, but they want to sell the driver to me. This isn't a problem, but using my credit card on their site is because I am afraid of being hacked. any suggestions?

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    If they required your credit card, you were on the wrong website. Go to
    Enter your operating system and download the correct drivers


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      Yep. Use the IT pro version to get drivers only.


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        HP does not sell their drivers. You can download them for free.


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          Just one thing to remember - HP may not make a driver - if it's an old printer and a new OS. I think you'll have better luck that I have had, with a newer printer.

          I have an hp LaserJet 1000. When my company laptop was replaced with a 64-bit system, it wouldn't work. HP made no driver.

          I had to buy another printer. Needless to say it wasn't an HP.
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            Regardless of the manufacturer, a carefully structured Google search will narrow your results considerably. Here is an example with a specific Operating System placed in quotation marks and a "site:" filter limiting the results to one specific Domain:
            officejet 8500 Driver "Windows 7" (~24,000 results)
            officejet 8500 Driver "Windows Vista" (~14,000 results)

            For those Users new to the latest Operating Systems, remember to determine if your is "Windows 7" (64-bit) or "Windows 7" (32-bit). The second choice is only likely to be found on a computer previously used in a business and "cast off" (recycled) for sale to a private person.

            In any case, this type of search also helps limit the chances of getting a Driver from an unverified source - one that may have been tampered with and could conceal malware or spyware along with its installer program.
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              I would only advise - if possible - only download drivers from the manufacturer's website..


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                Iwent to the site and downloaded the drivers. Today is a busy day, so I might not be able to see if they work for a day or two. I will keep you guys posted and let you know how it works.


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                  Here is the Direct Support HP Site for your Series HP OfficeJet 8500 Printers


                  The others that posted are correct, HP never charges for Their Driver Downloads from their Site, or asks for Credit Card or Charges for HP Driver downloads