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  • Sydney Beaches (Australia)

    In October I am off to Sydney for a few days, will stay in or near Darling Harbour (probably). Who has been to the nude beaches in Sydney? What are they like? Which is the nicest and easiest to get to?

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    Hi Alfie,

    A lot of information is available on the Free Beaches Australia Wesite.


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      Thanks Bendionudey.
      Have looked on the free beaches website.
      I am looking for some subjective opinions on what they are like. Any ideas?


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        Hey Alfie, it depends. Just on the other side of the Harbour is Cobblers Beach in Mosman. I think it is the best for access, location and a good mix of friendly people. On the other side of the road is Obelisk Beach which is known more as a cruising/ Posing beach and consequently not my style, but maybe is yours.....I don't know. On the south side of the harbour is Lady Jane Beach but I've never been there so can't comment.


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          Lady Jane Beach is a gay naturist beach. I was unaware of this at first when I went there, as the guide book I had said about this naturist beach but with no mention that it was a gay beach. When I got there I did wonder it was occupied by about 99% males. Which just wasn't for me. So I relaxed on a textile beach instead. I later found out on these forums that Lady Jane was a gay naturist beach.

          I know it's not in Sydney. But there is a naturist beach up in Noosa too. You have to walk through a national park to get there. It's very quiet and deserted though. When I went there there was only about 10 people on the whole of the naturist area of the beach. EDIT: Upon looking at that website mentioned above, this beach is called Alexandra Bay. And it says "Most days there are quite a lot of people on the beach, sometimes hundreds on weekends". Well I must have went on a bad day then, because there was only about 10 people on that beach when I went.


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            Thanks Nude_not_rude.
            I may check Cobblers out. Sounds good.

            Not sure about labelling any particular beach as Gay. It could only be seen as such due to a predominance of Gay people there, it would be any one's right to be there.

            I too have visited Alexandra Bay, it is beautiful. Quite a few people there when I went and that was in the cooler months (August) would be busier during the warmer season of course.

            Point Impossible near Torquay in Victoria is where I go most often, I enjoy it there. Nice beach great place to swim. Need to pick your day weather wise tho.


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              I agree, Birdie beach would be my choice, mixed groups of people and a beautiful spot. Impossible to get to without a car. In a car it would take one and a half hours (more if in peak hour traffic) to get there from Darling Harbour - Sydney. One would need to get maps and instructions off the internet on how to get to the beach before leaving.


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                Originally posted by Nude_not_rude View Post
                On the south side of the harbour is Lady Jane Beach but I've never been there so can't comment.
                In 2001 we were in Sydney on a tour, and we found ourselves with some free time on a hot afternoon. My wife suggested that we find a nude beach. I tracked down our guide to get a suggestion. He was so happy to recommend his favorite beach that it was obvious that he also enjoyed being nude.

                The beach that he recommended was Lady Jane. Quite a nice spot really, but it was thick with men and only a couple of women scattered about. We barely were able to find a place to put down our towels. Everyone was pleasant and polite, but my wife was slightly uncomfortable to be so much outnumbered by men.

                Later I did some online research, and found that Lady Jane Beach is a popular gay beach. We weren't bothered by that, and there was no behavior that would cause concern. However, it did explain the extreme disproportion between men and women.

                Incidentally at Lady Jane Beach the tour boats swing in close to give their passengers a look at all the nudes. Everybody on shore just waved.