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How about Hong Kong?

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  • How about Hong Kong?

    Any where in or around Hong Kong to enjoy the nude life?

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    There are plenty of little inlets that you could go to and probably get away from people enough to go naked. Find out where the yacht club(s) is(are) and ask there. You might even be able to get a ride on a boat to an appropriate spot. Thing there are some little off shore islands, too, like around Singapore where I used to sail to naked and be naked on.

    Ask about situation around Macau. Might be some possibilities there.


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      In HK there is a nudist movement of sorts; it is disguised as an Art or Photographic society. They wanted an official site on one of the many isalands, but they were not succesful. Their attempts made headlines for one day on the front page of the South china morning post newspaper. They go on nude trips in members boats and presumably spend time on a remote beach.
      Repulse Bay is supposed to be topless


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        Thanks Peter,
        I'll check it out next month and report back on what I find.


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          In regards to the HK info, the newspaper report is now history, it must have been at least 4 or 5 years ago