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    Any advice (or any sites) listing bars clubs and saunas ?

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    Any advice (or any sites) listing bars clubs and saunas ?


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      Le Cap d'Agde, one of the leading mediterranean naturist centres.

      From the stories I've heard, this CITY is quite nice. As I've never been there YET but I can say that you are able to BANK, Grocery SHOP, HOTEL, ETC all nude. I've also heard that it's kinda pricey but I have nothing to back that up.
      I also understand that the bars and parks are kinda cruisey after dark when the patrols go home. But out side of that I heard it's quite a nice place to be!



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        Reports from the internet;

        Cap D'Agde

        After approx. 1000km down the German and French motorways I arrived at D'Agde and popped into the information centre and within five minutes of very efficient service I was booked into the Eve Hotel in the naturist centre the heart of a hedonists paradise at a cost of approx. ?45 per night.

        What a place; the worlds largest naturist centre catering for approx. 20,000 people during the height of the summer season with its own Police Station efficient entrance security. Most people stay in the 3 huge apartment blocks each with their own commercial centre comprising supermarkets restaurants bars etc.. Some blocks have the use of private swimming pools but the furthest distance to the well-maintained 2Km beach is only 800M. lf you have a boat moor it in the naturist harbour where else! However it could do with a lick of paint and lots of general maintenance as its starting to look a little tacky but that doesn't detract from the fun to be had.

        Basically it's a self-contained naturist town. lf you want, you can strip off at the entrance and forget your clothes until you go home. In practice most people were nude by the pool and beach (obligatory) and clothed in the evenings but the choice is yours.

        By definition with the facilities available for so many people a large number are going to be swingers but the place caters for everybody, families, retired people, and lots of gays. In essence all sorts from all over the world.

        The place was probably only 25% full during early June but the weather for the first part of my visit was cooking and despite plenty of sun oil I soon had a burnt bum. This is the ideal place to chill out and have fun in the evening and getting up late in the morning.

        The place caters for swingers in a big way judging by the number of very well stocked erotic clothes shops and dedicated swingers clubs which number at least 7.But bad luck if you are a single guy because they are all couples only clubs which is a real bad news if you are single guy. Even more so when you see some of the girls dressed to thrill openly walking around on their way to clubs with their partners. All is not lost though as there a number of mixed saunas and you can meet some very nice people in the bars and restaurants. Like I did last night coming home at 05.00 after very enjoyable fun in the company of an English couple I met earlier that evening.

        I had intended to spend a week in Spain but after a wet motorcycle race in Barcelona the thought of staying in a less then sunny Costa Brava with all those holiday types was to much so back up the coast to D'Agde again.

        Excellent service again from the girls at the information centre but even they couldn't fix me up a room in a fully booked hotel. So instead they found me one of the studio apartments, clean but when you have a nice home not the place I would want to stay in for long. Cheap and cheerful I would call it but if you book in advance you can hire better units that are privately owned. Middle June cost approx. ?25 per night but the cost trebles for August. You can apparently get 4 people in this studio but you had better be on very friendly terms as space is at a premium.

        There are also a number of small houses and villas that can be rented from the UK try Penn Travel of Romford for further details.

        The prices in the shops bars etc. are reasonable considering they have a captive client base but with so many to choose from the competition for your business is quite hot.

        If you are into exhibitionism, I hear that from 17:00 onwards at the far end of the beach there is action to seen and perhaps participate in but I haven't bothered to pay a visit yet as the weather has not been so good for the few days hence I am writing this whilst I charge my batteries for another evening of social fun even if it doesn't mean sexual fun.

        One word of caution though! At night I hear that a number of weirdoes known locally as the bushmen may make an appearance. These people are gypsy types mainly who gain access by walking up the beach then hide in the bushes of the complex when the cops come along. Waiting for couples they then either expose themselves or ask for a ****, they may even follow you and make an unwanted appearance on your balcony tackle in hand. I didn't hear of any physical trouble as they disappear into the night when challenged also make sure your patio doors are locked at night to avoid any unwanted attention or theft. Not that I want to put anybody off but I am just recounting some local knowledge to be on the safe side.

        As always if you want any further advise please e-mail me and I will try to help.

        Now I have upgraded my PC I should be in a position to post an ad but in the meantime if anyone wants to get in touch with an adventurous experienced single no ties 42 year old that loves to travel you know where to find me.


        [email protected]

        Cap D'agne

        We have recently returned from great week at Cap D'agde. This was only our second time on a naturist beach, so our comments might be interesting to new naturists. We thought the beaches were exceptionally clean, and certainly at the main (west end) of the beach, very safe.

        We were told by a guy at a specialist English travel company that, basically, you are expected to 'leave your clothes at the front door' So, as this was new type of holiday to us, we opted to get an apartment outside the naturist area and visit on day passes. In fact we could dress or undress as we liked, its very easy going. We will go next year and stay in the resort itself.

        If you opt not to stay inside, you can get day (or longer term) passes. the day pass works best if you drive in. It cost 60fr for the car and all its occupants! You can go in and out all day until 8pm.After that time, there is no entrance to visitors. However, as long as you enter by 8, there is no
        problem getting out at any time.

        We managed to get back before 8 a couple of times. Had dinner in one of the better restaurants (Le Bistro) and watched the parade of sexy night attire as we eat. After dinner, there are some great bars to enjoy with some fun displays.

        Being new, we asked about the clubs in one of the many sexy clothes shops. Le Glamour was said to be for couples. Cleopatra was for the gay community, Le Pharon was basically a gang bang club for any persuasion. Le VIP loft opened at 2am and many people went their after the Le Glamour. There is another club off site, but about 20 minutes drive. It is called L'extasia. This does not open properly until the French holiday season (which started as we left!) It is held in a small chateau and from the leaflet it looked very nice.

        Club Le Glamour. We only went to this club as we are not 'hardened swingers' - yet! The entrance was ?15 for a couple. The club seemed well run and clean. There was great music to dance to, which was good for us since most of the people there were Foreign! What a surprise! We then noticed that there was a steady stream of people going down a spiral staircase, so we checked it out. It led to the toilets. But, an arch next to the toilets lead to a labyrinth of small rooms, open stages etc. These areas were very well occupied with couples doing their thing. The only problem here is that it is difficult to make contact with anyone unless you speak French! Anyway, we recommend it.

        We would like to find a club in the UK like this one if anyone could point us in the right direction.

        email: [email protected]

        20th July 2001

        As you see, this Nude City seems far from the character of AANR approved nudist venues in America!