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  • Rocalta Jamaica

    Hi Folks;

    I've been looking for reports on this resort in Jamaica. Rocalta is a new place or more exactly a reopened old place that is advertising as being clothing optional. Feedback would be appreciated.

    Note: I had seriously though about going back to Orient Beach but I see that there are problems there with nudity. Jamaica is not perfect in that respect either but I do know that my money goes to support an economy that needs it.

    So whats the scope anybody stay at Rocalta?


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    I hadn't heard of this resort, so I just finished looking at its website. There's an ad for an escort service on the homepage, and some of the links on another page are for swingers' resorts, so I wouldn't expect this place to be particularly 'family friendly'.

    I guess it all depends on what you're looking for - the website's offerings make me think this could be a smaller version of Hedonism II or III.


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      Thanks for the response Journeyman. The web site does seem to be a bit confused as to what they are offering. They seem to promote themselves as a family type place with the only warnings being concerns about ocean access.

      That doesn't really concern me though as I'm likely to be traveling alone. In fact for the most part I'd rather not be at a resort with thousands of uncontrolled kids running around. It just doesn't lead to a relaxing vacation for me. As to the advertising I'm not sure that reflects to much on the atmosphere of the resort having gone to places that did not advertise anything yet let the local talent access to their resort.

      By the way I've been to Hedo III, once, and I have to say the biggest problem in my eyes where the people. Obviously the nudity there didn't bother this nudist and even the sex was not a problem but the rudeness of the people (guests?) was just excessive. Politeness goes a long ways especially when standing in line at a buffet. Now this was during New Years and could very well have been an issue with a couple of groups at the resort as they seemed to travel in packs.

      In any event I'm hoping for more user comments about Rocalta. It seems to be a bit small but maybe far more affordable than going to Superclubs. Note that I haven't been to the west end so I'm not to sure if small is an issue. A small resort on the beach is not a problem but this is the cliffs and as such I'm unfamiliar.