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Paya Bay, Roataan, Honduras

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  • Paya Bay, Roataan, Honduras

    Mrs Nudkin and I were on a cruise last week that had a port call on the island of Roataan. When we were looking for excursions, nothing peaked our interest so we looked for private tours and were lucky enough to stumble on Paya Bay. After a bit of research on the place and a bit of back and forth questions via email, we booked a day and what a great day and what a bargain it was.

    We booked directly with the resort via email and were told that a resort member would meet us out in front of the port gate. He was obvious and was a great guide for the ride to the resort, about an hour. Once there the desk confirmed our day, our lunch, our massages we booked, and provided a refreshing fruit punch and fruit plate.

    We were led to the beach and quickly set out to enjoy the day on Bliss Beach. We were the first there and had the place to ourselves for maybe an hour before other cruisers and guests arrived. The water is extremely clear and the sandy beach is wonderful. There are multiple zones on the property which you can learn about on their website. We were there on a naturist week so we roamed the majority of the grounds nude. We also explored some by walking some on the trails.

    Lunch was incredible. While lunch was part of the fee, we paid an additional $10 each for lobster and were thoroughly surprised when we each received a plate with 2 perfectly prepared lobster tails. It was better than the ship's main lobster by far. The bar opened at 11:00 and drinks were a great value.

    The massage was exceptional. A couple from England and the Czech Republic arrived right on schedule and provided a beachside massage that was just about perfect.

    The overall experience was something we will remember for many years to come and will likely draw us on a longer visit maybe next year.

    If you are taking a cruise or looking for a great place to stay and Roataan is on your itinerary, look no further. You won't regret it. It's no wonder that Trip Advisor has is as a five star rating.

    As for cost, transportation, lunch, access, and a couples massage cost us about $340. And it was well worth it!

    Simply do a web search for Paya Bay, Roataan and you will find it.
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