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New naturist resort in italy

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  • New naturist resort in italy


    I am Martine, a Frenchwoman living in Italy.

    At the age of 50, my husband and I decided to change our lives and left the Paris region and our jobs as HR managers to create our naturist holiday resort in Italy, in Puglia.

    This approach is part of a huge dream, that of living in Italy whose language, art, cuisine and friendliness we appreciate.
    Naturists for 25 years, we have combined our two passions to develop the naturist spirit in a country that is still very shy on this subject.

    And I must say that it is a great success and an immense pleasure.
    As a former HR, we can apply all the values we hold dear: respect, satisfaction of men and women, personalisation of our welcome, interest in others.
    As a naturist, we are committed to respecting the ethics of family and convivial naturism and are always touched by the beautiful warm atmosphere that is created every week.
    Our greatest pleasure is to organise international dinners and to notice how easy it is to understand each other among naturists.

    Come and see us, it will be our pleasure.
    We have a beautiful naturist beach close to the Resort : TORRE GUACETO !

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    Martine: It sounds great and the website make the resort look very appealing. When travel to Europe looks feasible again for us, your place will be on our list.


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      Thank you NEWTON for your kind message
      Take care. Stay positive and safe. The pandemic situation will be over in a few months.

      Happy Christmas