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    I'm heading this summer, is it nice tell me about it

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    I'm heading this summer, is it nice tell me about it


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      Isn't that hurricane season?


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        Depends on what part of the summer. The later part of summer is more likely the hurricane season. Early summer you do get some weather but from all those locals and regular visitors, we've asked, you have a better chance of good weather the earlier in summer you go.

        We are returning in late June. We are hoping for good weather. It was good last year.

        What would you like to know about St. Martin?


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          early june is it nice, people generally friendly, beaches good, nudsim anything


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            Weather on St. Martin in early June should be nice. You may experience a brief shower, some cloud cover and some wind. This is always subject to change. I've read on another message board that the weather on St. Martin is usually great the month of May, but right now they are experiencing rain...for a few days.

            The people of St. Martin seem to be nice and friendly. We felt that the French side was friendlier than the Dutch side. Shop owners didn't seem bothered at all about you browsing in the stores while the Dutch shop owners seemed a bit annoyed if you didn't buy something.

            We stayed on Orient Beach and Club Orient. The beach is 1 1/2 miles long. The entire beach is clothing optional with most of the fully nude beach goers at Club O. There were several fully nude sunbathers at Coco Beach and now we hear that they are allowing fully nude sunbathing at Mt. Vernon. Club O is on one end of the beach and Mt. Vernon is at the other. Coco Beach is almost in the middle between Club O and Mt. Vernon. You will find every degree of dress or undress on this beach, fully clothed to completely nude. Some of the beach concessions will allow women and men to sunbath nude but it becomes a comfort situation for the nudist because sometimes there are lots more bathing suit clad people than there are nude sunbathers.

            Some of the restaurants will allow you to dine nude as long as you have something to sit on. Some expect you to wear a cover.

            You can walk the entire beach nude if you wish but generally the nudists walk the beach in the early morning and later afternoon. The reason they don't walk the beach as frequently in the later morning and mid afternoon is that the majority of the the people in the middle of the beach are in bathing suits. Some have their children and nudists do not want to offend them or the kids.

            St. Martin is a very nice place to visit, Club Orient is our favorite place to stay because you can be nude everywhere on the resort property. You can eat/drink and hang out at Papagayo's restaurant nude. They have entertainment in the evenings. It's just great fun. There are more luxurious places to stay on Orient Beach but none of them are a nudist resort and at some of the others you must wear clothing in parts of their hotels.

            Hope I answered your questions. If you have any others or more specific ones you'd like me to try and answer, post a reply.


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              i think we are going to o hotel on the beach, ill propb hi the middle section