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Playalinda on Memorial Day

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  • Playalinda on Memorial Day

    I'm planning on visiting Playalinda (Titusville) on Memorial Day, for the first time. Just wondering if anyone here could tell me what I can expect (amount of people and other pertinent info...) If Playalinda is too small, I may just make a further leap down to Haulover.

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    Get there early! Parking will be at a premium if the weather is nice. The beach is very long so dont worry about finding a spot. Its also very beautiful, great spot for a first timer.

    Other than that, just have fun! Enjoy it.


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      Both Playalinda and Haulover are great beaches. Parking at Playalinda is severely limited on a bad day, on a holiday weekend it will be a nightmare. Haulover is larger, a full parking lot with a much greater capacity and facilities and food & drink stands on the beach. Given the choice, I would choose Haulover.


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        Wish I had even one beach to consider.
        Some are lucky enough to consider two.


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          If visiting Playalinda, be sure to bring plenty of water. Not only enough to drink, but have enough to wash the sand off. Check for launches at Cape Canaveral. The beach is closed 3 days prior to a launch, and 1 day after. I've only had one problem with nudity there out of dozens of visits. There was on over zealous park ranger who didn't seem to like the nudists. He's been gone know for a few years. Never had a ploblem since. Haulover is great!! It would be a better choice if you like to be around a younger crowd. There are some hotels right on the beach that are quite reasonable. The Ocean Palms is where I usually stay. Nudity is not offically allowed at the pool, but if no one complains it's tolerated.


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            been wanting to go there. been to apollo a few times