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Desert Shadows SOLD

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  • Desert Shadows SOLD

    I just came from the Desert Shadows website: and found out that the resort has been bought by an investor group.

    The condo project is being re-evaluated and on construction this year.

    So...what do others think about this? "IF" it's a group that wants to preserve the naturist theme of DS...all could be good. If the new owners want to change the clothing free status...that could be a sad loss to nudists.

    We're booked there for three nights next know I'll be asking questions!


    (Edited to add my apologies for starting a thread that has gotten so badly off topic and in places, out of hand! This was NOT my intent.)

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    Hopefully, if the new owners want to keep the income flowing, they will keep it a clothing optional/free resort. If they decide to turn it into a resort minus the clothing options, then that would be bad news.

    Please let us know what you find out when you visit. Sure hope I could break away to visit the same time you are, but I don't think I will be able to. Lots of luck on your visit.

    After looking at the web site, apparently there are bookings for the rest of the year. So the resort will remain a nudist resort for the remainder of this year.


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      Worse then already mentioned, they could turn DS into a gay resort! Numerious, once traditionally nudist resorts in PS have since gone gay oriented. Let's hope that this is not one more to fall. Sawdust


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        There are plenty of traditionally nudist gay resorts. What makes you think that the resort can't be traditionally nudist AND gay oriented? In all actuality I don't think anyone would actually BAN straight people from coming to a gay oriented resort so for all intents and purposes as long as it is nudist we've lost nothing.


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          By traditional I ment stright, family oriented. Non gays do not feel all that comfortable in the nude mixed company of gays. And yes, you are right, there are plenty of gay resorts in Palm Springs already that once were family oriented. Sawdust


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            I doubt seriously that the investor group is going to turn DS into a gay resort. There are already over a dozen and a half in the PS area.

            My thoughts are that the owners will make sure changes and you'll see stricter policies on who's allowed in and who isn't. I can see DS actually becoming a nudist/clothing optional enclave and be private for residents only.

            Many of the residents we have tried to be friendly towards were distant, cold and ignored you if you weren't a regular or a resident. Many of them were usually covered as well. It was just a strange environment sometimes with more people clothed or covered than nude.

            Too's a beautiful piece of property. I'll wait to see what gossup Dee comes back with.


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              If Desert Shadows was to go to a nudist gay lifestyle resort; Family nude recreation would loose out, and leave only 2-3 AANR family nudist or clothing resorts left in the Palms Springs area suitable for, or that accept minors or small children and that are not adult or couples restricted.

              Palm Springs area has 70+ gay and lesbian resorts, clubs, and facilities many of which are clothing optional or nude facilities.

              Palm Springs Bureau of Tourism listing of few of the larger gay and lesbian resorts and hotels with web pages:

              Link to "Palm Springs Bureau of Tourism listing

              Palm Springs/ "Sneek Peek Video"
              Welcome to Palm Springs and see what it has to offer as a world destination:

              Link to Palm Springs Bureau of Tourism "Welcome Video"

              Palm Springs, California is the gay and lesbian Mecca of the west, Key West Florida is the gay and lesbian Mecca of the east. Both areas have the weather and temperature, and sunny days that exceed 300+ days of the year perfect for being comfortable and nude most every day of the year.

              One event "The Dinah Shore Golf Classic" this week and weekend "March 28 - April 1st 2007 draws over 10,000 women and couples to the area.


              Link to CFF posts on the "Dinah Shore Golf Classic Palm Springs CA"

              Lifestyle events, resorts, clubs, entertainment, restaurants, shows, and night
              Clubs and travel are big business [much bigger than family nudist resorts] as this downloadable promotional video by Key West and lifestyle organizations present including nudists and nude facilities and events.

              Link to "Key West” promotional video download



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                By "FireProf"
                I doubt seriously that the investor group is going to turn DS into a gay resort. There are already over a dozen and a half in the PS area.
                You might doubt it but the "Wohl Group" Wohl Property Management Group Team of Investors [Los Angles area] [See attached image/URL below] are the money and investors behind the "Sea Mountain" swingers C/O Nude resort in the area and claim $100,000,000 being spent on similar C/O resorts in Las Vegas and Florida and future ones off shore.

                Your dozen and half estimate is way off. More like 74+ alternate lifestyle resorts, hotels, apartments, condos, flats, nightclubs, and facilities that cater to gays and lesbians exists and doing well and have high booking and occupancy rates. Many do not advertise, or have web pages, but most that do are unable to be listed/Linked on CFI/CFF pages due to the adult nature or links and sub links on their pages.

                Link to "Wohl Group Team of Investers" [Sea Mountain]

                Link to "CFF Sea Mountian Posts"


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                  Both Palm Springs area and Florida counties like Pasco, and Key West area are not only prime nudist destinations, but prime retirement communities.

                  The success and sell out of Nudist properties connected to nude resorts is a new trend and hot real estate investment targeting the effluent, retired, and people who have the resources, time, and funds to enjoy and live in nudist communities, condos, and town houses with connected or nude facilities on the property or within the community.

                  I imagine you will see Nudists "Time Share" investments next in areas such as these if not already there.

                  Caliente's property web page:

                  Link to: "Caliente Resort & Spa, Properties web page"


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                    It is always sad to see a property go from one hand to the other. But lets be positive and hope for the best.


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                      In all actuality I don't think anyone would actually BAN straight people from coming to a gay oriented resort so for all intents and purposes as long as it is nudist we've lost nothing.
                      Not true, some gay and lesbian clothing optional and nude resorts only allow single gender and adults only. Most gay resorts are considered adult only resorts as some allow sexual explicitly in common areas and some might have communal play dens or areas.

                      Definitely not a family orientated nudist venues where one would take their spouse, girl or boyfriend, and/or under aged or young children.

                      As it is, two of the AANR listed C/O or nude resorts/spa's in Palm Springs say adults only, Adult couples only, and no children or pets are allowed.

                      So for nudist families with children and/or pets we've lost a lot or down to 2-3 clothing optional or nude resorts where families with children are welcome.

                      From the numbers, I would say Palm Springs and surrounding area is a great clothing optional, nude, and nudist adult play ground catering mostly to the adult lifestyles, spa's, golf, upscale shopping, dinning, and night clubs and entertainment.


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                        Originally posted by DenitaLC:
                        I just came from the Desert Shadows website: and found out that the resort has been bought by an investor group.
                        Well I'm sorry to hear this. Me and the wifey have spent many happy weekends at Desert Shadows and change in this case is probably not good news.

                        OTOH, you need to realize that most of the real estate at Desert Shadows is condominiums that were sold to naturists who bought those condos because they wanted either a home or a getaway place that was clothing optional. Changing the clothing optional rules for any reason would invite a ton of lawsuits down on the investor group. That just doesn't look very likely to me.

                        So what will they do? Here are some possibilities:

                        1. Tear down the old resort and build mostly condos - that is where things were going before the sale.
                        2. (In my dreams) They could buy out adjacent properties and expand DS into a real world class resort.
                        3. A combination of 1 and 2 above.
                        4. Turn it into a swinger resort (unlikely but possible.)
                        5. Cater to the gay or lesbian market (also unlikely IMHO.)
                        6. Just run things like they have in the past (also not likely.)

                        So I'm betting on 1 and hoping for 2 or 3.


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                          Yeah, I know that there are some resorts that want to promote an adults only atmosphere. It would be nice to have more places - whether gay-oriented or straight-oriented - where adults, young people, singles, couples, families, all people were welcome.


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                            Most AANR sanctioned resorts and clubs are family friendly and orientation neutral. I have never heard of a club asking members, visitors, or guest if they were gay, straight, or bi-sexual or basing admission on orientation. [And probably illegal to do so in most states]

                            There is a couple of spa based clothing optional or nude expected in Palm Springs that are AANR listed, but do not have rooms set up for children, or have TV's, radios, phones or personal to watch children while the parents are having massages as a package or appointment. So both say no children allowed, one says no pets allowed on their web page. I believe both say Adults only.


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                              Here is the image from their website.

                              Since I only linked to the image, if they change it, it will no longer be visible here.

                              It looks like business as usual according to this image, at least through the end of the year.