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    Anyone in here from the coast of South Carolina??? I'm in Myrtle Beach. Just wanting to hear from others in the area. Jay

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    Anyone in here from the coast of South Carolina??? I'm in Myrtle Beach. Just wanting to hear from others in the area. Jay


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      hey beachbum, I'm from Charleston and I can remember a spot on a place called Folly Beach that has a couple of nice places.

      If you find your way out to Folly, you need to also find your way to the far northern end of the island (ask for directions to see the old Morris Island lighthouse). You'll alsao pass a section that they call the 'surfer's area". past that, you'll come to a dead end turn around at the end of the road. Park your car and walk thru the gates that block the old Coast Guard Station from many years ago. It's about a 1/4 mile walk and curves slightly to the left. You'll pass by all the old or what's left of the old biuldings, then you'll walk onto the sand and the beach will open up and you should be looking right at the old lighthouse.

      if you walk out a few yards, you can look left and right and see what you think about laying out. From what I gather every once in a while you'll have an occasional jogger or animal owner walking their dog, but it's not a very crowded area by any means.

      NOW, here's the problem. I havent been down there since 96 when I had to attend my aunt's funeral. I have been trying my best to find someone IN Charleston on yahoo or something to chat with and find out some info about the current situation on that section of Folly.

      other options would be to hit the barrier islands such as Sullivan's or Isle of Palms and just hunt for a secluded spot. The other spot is find your way to the Beach Park. it's on the southern end of Folly. if you walk past the consessions and turn right, you might find something back that way also. However, when I was down there last, that's where the gay guys went to lay out.

      I myself would prefer to be able to roam uparound in the nude on the beach a bit and not have to carry a pair of shorts incase I ran into someone. I was able to do this back in 96, but I have no clue about today. If you have any ideas about South carolina message boards or something, or want to chat more, look me up on yahoo: crash_43055


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        Hell I had forgotten I was on this board a long time ago!

        I have tons of info as well as pictures to go along that ifno about thongin or going nude on Folly Beach.

        If you'd like to know more, feel free to send me a message on my yahoo messneger:

        Or I can post it in here.


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          sorry to tell you i went down to the exact area you were talking about this past month. it is quite crowded these days. the surfers and college kids discovered it and is a popular spot. however i do believe that there is still some secluded stretch of sand if you want to risk it.


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            Downtown Charleston right now.


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              Could you be more specific about the Isle of Palms. I have only felt safe being naked there early in the morning before the sun rises. May be there is a secluded place I have not found.


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                Ok, another update:

                I am shavedthonger from that June 2003 post. I had forgotten about this board and forgot my password so I had to re-register with a new username.


                I've been back down "home" to Charleston a few times now and 2 years in a row I've taken TONS of pictures and made lots of notes as to where to lay out nude on Folly beach. I have also investigated other local and nearby beaches.
                Folly seems to be the absolute best unless you have a boat or jetski, which I dont. IOP and Sullivans is wayyyy too populated and family oriented to going nude. I'm going back down there this Spring or Summer and will gather more info.

                Other places I've scoped out:
                Hunting island- great beach, there's a nice area down near the cabins. (more info if you PM me)

                Seabrook island- No way, totally private, have to have a pass from a resindent to even get past the gate.

                Kiawah- nope, still fairly private and family oriented, no public areas at all!

                If anyone wants more info, I'll be more than happy to share pictures with them thru either Yahoo messenger or MSN.

                I'm REALLY looking for someone who lives in Charleston to update us on what they've seen on the beaches down there.

                Mostly for ME, if someone could go all the way out to the beach area overlooking the Morris island lighthouse, and take a few pictures, especially at low tide so that I can see what the sandbar looks like that surrounds the lighthouse. I know each year it's moved by the tides and currents, and I'm very curious as to what it looks like these days.