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  • Paradise Gardens

    I'm planning to be at Paradise Gardens outside Cincinnati, OH this Satruday. Hope to see some of you there.

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    I may not be able to attend on 9/1, but I'll give it a try. I sent you a message last week.


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      dave and denise,the managers, came from white thorn. he was a dj and sometimes come back for super bowl week. hope you enjoy your time at paradise. have wanted to go but never made it yet!


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        I visited Paradise Gardens again today. I didn't spend much time in the pool but made use of the sauna and the hot tub. I hope I didn't get too much sun.

        The golf cart "road rally" was interesting. Actually, it was an obstacle course where the driver had to go through a course of traffic cones. The catch was the driver was blindfolded and their passenger had to guided them through it.

        They've got a band playing tonight but I could stay that long. They set up and played a little bit while I was there, sounded pretty good. They didn't seem to have a problem being around a bunch of nude people although they didn't get naked.