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Paradise Lakes Nudist Resort Sold July 2007

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  • Paradise Lakes Nudist Resort Sold July 2007

    From today's LAKER - - - - - TNC

    Paradise Lakes Nudist Resort sold
    By Marcia Stone, Pasco Naturally Editor July 5 2007

    Paradise Lakes Resort, touted as America’s premier clothing-optional nudist resort, is being sold by Joe Lettelleir to nudist John Forier who has lived at Paradise Lakes for the past two and a half years.

    Lettelleir made the announcement at the Paradise Lakes Condominium Association general meeting on June 30.

    There are going to be many changes at the resort, according to Forier, who promised more details on Wednesday, July 11 when all details are finalized.

    Although Forier has the same business challenges as Lettelleir had regarding the 26-year-old establishment, there is much hope of a widespread renewal of Paradise Lakes, which has five community associations.

    “I feel John will be able to revive Paradise with needed capital and expansion. I am excited for the prospect of the future of Paradise Lakes,” said Joe Lettelleir.

    Paradise Lakes Condominium Association President Gloria Ponn is looking forward to working with John Forier. “I feel he will be an asset to our community. He is a nudist and understands our lifestyle.”

    “I’m happy to hear it, I’m delighted. It will be progress for nudists. In my travels to other resorts it has always seemed a better fit when a nudist was the owner,” says The Fountains Association President Victoria Stewart.

    PLCA Vice President Bob Moore, who worked closely with Lettelleir, said, “I’m very delighted that John has bought it and I know it’s for the betterment of Paradise. John has already spoken to me about restoring the lakeside area and I know the residents will be pleased about this development.”

    The Villages of Paradise Lakes Association Secretary Dwight Mitchell said, “I can give you my comment in one word, YAHOO!”
    The nudist lifestyle is alive and well in Pasco County with the largest concentration of nudists in North America. Other area resorts include Caliente Resort & Spa, The Oasis, Lake Como Family Nudist Resort, Gulf Coast Nudist Resort and The Island Group.

    The 15 acre Paradise Lakes resort has a current taxable value of $1,186,629, according to the Pasco Appraiser’s Office.

    Original landowner: Alma F. Kinsman
    County records show a warranty deed November 1981 for $90,000

    In December 1987 Amcon Products Inc. was seller and Paradise Lakes Inc. buyer

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    Originally posted by Richard Kenner:
    Another update from the Laker:

    Forier says in "The Laker" that he is a 25 year nudist.

    According to the Laker newspaper Forier was a developer in Colorado and retired. Forier was quoted as saying, "Im buying Paradise Lakes for fun." The gym and new apartments planned by the former owner, Joe Lettelleir to be built on the tennis courts at the north end of Paradise Lakes have been put on hold by the new owner.

    Forier also plans to redefine the term clothing optional meaning people who have been attending Paradise Lakes clothed will now be asked to be nude and people who attend the dances clothed will be observed more closely.
    Thats great. I always thought that the dances at Paradise (and Caliente as well) were creepy with everyone dressed, many in bizarre outfits and many "lookers". I think the word nude needs to be the norm.


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      for Mr. Forier. On my vist to Paradise Lakes I had ever intention of being nude 24/7 for 6 days and never put on a stich of clothing. It was fine during the day but at night when going to L'Attitudes, 98% of the clientele was dressed. I felt intimidated by being naked (at a nudist resort) so I returned to my room and dressed. Same with the restaurant and bar. Perhaps under Mr. Forier's ownership I can return and fulfill my goal.


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        I visited Paradise Lakes a couple years ago, not realizing it wasn't quite my type of resort, but it did satisfy some of my curisity about how the commercialization of nudism could work (or not work). I had a similar experience as Al... I thought I'd check out the bar/dance and actually felt embarrassed because 90% or more were clothed to some degree. Maybe I'm a purist, but that some seems weird to me. If I had a resort, I'd make it clear that nude is the appropriate attire anywhere within the resort. I'm not so sure a bar and dance is a good thing at a resort anyway, at least if people don't feel safe enough to be nude there.

        I do think it's good that the place was bought by a nudist.


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          Mr. Kenner, just wanted to say thanks for the inside information you post here on the forum. You answer a lot of questions we have and inform us of changes in the works. We appreciate your input.

          I am sorry to hear of the trend to clothing optional versus nude. I agree that it is most likely a business decision as more people would visit venues where they were allowed to be clothed than being required to be nude.

          It has been at least 4 years since I visited Paradise Lakes and I must have missed the sign regarding dancing. Some of the clothing worn in L'Attitudes was a little on the questionable side in my opinion. I guess it is personal preference but I feel complete nudity is more appropiate than see thru clothing with holes cut out for exposure of the breasts and genitals. I'm just a old fashion guy I guess.

          When I visited PL I took the shuttle from the Tampa Airport so I was stranded at the resort. I was very happy that they had a restaurant with excellent food and the night club to provide activities in the evening. I could only soak in the hot tubs and swim in the pools so much before looking like a prune. I believe I will rent a car next time I visit so I can check out other venues in the area.


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            Originally posted by NakedGary:
            Although Forier has the same business challenges as Lettelleir had regarding the 26-year-old establishment, there is much hope of a widespread renewal of Paradise Lakes, which has five community associations.

            Have never been there, but 5 community associations seems like a lot.
            Why not one, composed of the top people, all pulling in the same direction?


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              Thanks, Richard.
              That clarifies a lot.

              Best wishes for success for the new ownership.
              Perhaps, there will, in time, be even more residential development in the area.


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                I just wanted to add, I think a reason many of us were disappointed or confused is that Paradise Lakes caters, at least somewhat, to the "lifestyle"/swinger crowd... it's not a "pure" nudist resort as many of us idealize. I hear lake Como next door is better along those lines. I'm not saying it shouldn't exist or anything - it is what it is, it's certainly not the worst, and outsiders probably don't know about the swinger aspect, so overall, maybe it gives more of a postive than negative impression of nudism to outsiders?

                But again, on the bar... the fact that clothing (skimpy, see-through, etc.) is encouraged, shows me that it (at least the bar) is more about sex than nudism.

                Some related threads (Paradise Lakes/Lake Como):


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                  Big Thinker:

                  There is some truth about Paradise being a little "swingerish".

                  I have had choices to visit Paradise or Cypress Cove and have chosen Cypress all the time. I have heard from friends, both couples and singles, who have visited Paradise and they told me that Paradise had a swinger/sexual undertone to it. It is not out in the open but you know it is happening. It is especially true at night and at dances.

                  I have no issues with swinging as I think the activity is harmless if two partners agree to it. That being said, I do have problem with it when a resort indirectly promotes it. Paradise may not advertise itself as swinger's hangout or may not hold events for swingers BUT they do somewhat support it. Unsure of the numbers, but I think swingers make a good chunk of their visitors and they do not wish to upset them.

                  When I visit a resort, I just want to relax, meet people, and have fun. I don't want that "sexual cloud" over my head.

                  Richard, you may be right about the nude only policy being changed to clothing optional. Believe it or not, many swingers are NOT nudist and do not feel comfortable with public nudity. Being nude and wearing sexy and revealing outfit are two different things.

                  I do hope that the new owner of Paradise will make some changes and bring the business back to "true nudism". I would like to visit Paradise as it looks like a great resort.


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                    On the other hand, there is increasing evidence, including an email I got from the Marketing Manager, that Caliente is moving more specifically towards trying to attract the swinging customers. They're currently losing around $2M/year, but I suspect a move in that direction will cause them to lose more money (especially if AANR drops them, which I assume will happen) and will be short-lived.
                    Ignored post by Richard Kenner posted August 13, 2007 09:07 AM Show Post
                    I agree with your thoughts on Caliente. The redesign of their websites sends a much more "sexual" message to those viewing it. I'm not impressed by this change and fear the swinger's dollar is becoming more attractive to management than providing a naturists' haven.

                    We've scratched Caliente off our list of resorts to return to.


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                      Letteleir is not a nudist....that has always been a problem since a non-nudist would see $$$ in place of values. Paradise Lakes has had a history of swinger infections and the blame is easy to see if you look at their event calendar....simple fact is, "sex sells" and it sells better than family values, so if you were a non-nudist and not loyal to the cause, then it would be the obvious choice to compromise values in order to earn an extra buck.

                      I had high hopes for Caliente when they first opened their doors. I remember going there when they didn't even have a main office and the houses were still just blank lots. Now it's grown, and unfortunately the owner is also a non-nudist and growing a successful business....unfortunately it didn't take me long to notice that the pattern was following in the footsteps of a Paradise Lakes history.

                      I'm glad to know that an actual nudist will now own Paradise Lakes. But people are people and money is money. What I'm curious to see is whether or not Mr. Forier will choose nudist values over an easy buck.

                      Somebody on here needs to win the lottery and do it right from the ground up.


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                        I did not observe any swinger activity at Paradise Lakes when I was there about 4 years ago. Of course I was alone and most likely not a prospect. The fact is that security was very observant during the evening hours and did not allow any physical contact at all. I personally do not see anything wrong with couples holding hands or having their arms around each other or even a kiss. I felt security was taking it a little too far, but they were just doing what management paid them to do.


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                          What's the latest report on happenings at Paradise Lakes. My girlfriend and I are planning a trip for Oct. We have been going to Cypress Cove, (our favorite so far), and would like to go back to PL or Caliente. We stopped going there because of the nighttime activities. We consider ourselves nudists and prefer to be nude all or most of the time.

                          We were told to try Lake Como, which we want to visit, but how are the accomidations?

                          Anyone have info?



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                            Hi Kenv - the accommodations at Como are old, but very cool. These are retro bungalow-style hotel rooms. I stayed there a week and was very happy with the room.

                            You will LOVE the Butt Hut!!! Make sure you play darts in the daily dart tournament

                            When it comes to the frienliness of the people, Como rocks! It isnt the silicone and beauty contest of PL or Caliente. If only they had water volleyball . . .


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                              Thanks for the info. I think we'll try it.