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Orient Land Trust/Valley View Hotsprings

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  • Orient Land Trust/Valley View Hotsprings

    We're planning on visiting during August. It will be our first time there. Anybody have any comments?

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    We're planning on visiting during August. It will be our first time there. Anybody have any comments?


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      We were there a few years ago. Loved it. It's pretty primitive, and that is part of it's appeal to me. The views from the upper pools go for miles.

      The one downside is that the natural spring aren't very hot. It's more of a warm springs place. However, at the main area there's a pool that received supplemental heat if you want a hot soak.

      If all goes well, we'll be back there next summer.


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        We are planning a camping trip there next weekend (Friday 7/5 thru Sunday 7/7). We have heard good things about it and the weather is supposed to be really good. I will post our comments when we get back.


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          If you're interested, there's a Yahoo group for Valley View:


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            We just got back from Valley View/Orient Land Trust. Very nice place. We tent-camped, but they also have RV/Trailer spots away from the tents. The tent sites are quiet, with a fire ring and picnic table at each site.

            It is clothing optional everywhere. In the whole three days, I only wore clothes in the early morning and nights, when it got down around 50 degrees F. You can even hike nude to the top pools, about a 20 minute uphill walk. Steep, so if you are from low altitudes, take it slow.
            There is a BIG 91 degree F pool that is up to 8 feet deep. Next to it is a 10-12 foot diameter heated shallow pool at 105-106 degrees F. Next to the big pool is a 160 degree sauna with cool dip pool in the sauna.
            The natural pools and off trails that lead from the big pool. There is the quiet pool about 100 yards uphill (also called party pool by some) that is around 95 degrees or so and is also pretty big. Can have a bonfire next to it at night.

            Futher uphill is the waterfall pool, smaller (about 4 people). Downhill from the waterfall pool is the meadow pond that may hold 8 people.

            Uphill (serious 20 minute uphill for novice hikers) are three pools, at the top is a large pool with bubbles coming from the gravel that holds maybe 15 people. Two pools just downhill from the top pool are cozy for 2-4 people.

            Restroom/showers are indeed coed. First time I used a urinal in a coed place since Korea. The showers are somewhat private (one less than the others).

            Enough people go clothes-free that I felt very comfortable doing so. Mostly couples are there, but also singles and families. There are quite a few families with small children who are amazingly well behaved. We met people from Albuquerque, Taos, Santa Fe, Denver-area, and a few locals.

            A first for me was a hail storm while being in a hot spring. It was a treat until the pea-size hail came down harder, then it was a little painful (like mosquito bites). Then the lightning brought me to my senses and I got out of the water.


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              Thanks for the great description. Could you elaborate a little more on the restroom situation? I think that is my better half's biggest concern.


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                There are two large restrooms, one at the main pool and one by the cabins (and some campsites). The main pool restroom has one urinal, and two toilets with full doors. There are, if I remember correctly, two showers with curtained dressing areas.

                The other restroom is larger, with one curtained shower/dressing area, one room that is basically a full bathroom will full door (tub/shower, sink, toilet), there are two community sinks, two urinals, and four toilets with partitions (just like you see in any public restroom).

                There is also a kitchen sink for washing dishes. We tent-camped, so it was really nice to have the sink to wash up after meals.

                If you are shy about shower, etc., the full (private) bathroom is for you.


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                  Thanks so much. We'll be arriving there a week from this Sunday. We're looking forward to it. Ought to be cooler and drier than Oklahoma. Far enough away to be a change,close enough to go back if we like it. Room to hike, soak, swim, loaf, wear clothes or not? Sounds great.