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  • Paradise Valley Resort in GA

    Does anyone know if paradise valley in dawsonville website is down or even if they are still open. last i heard everything was going well and they were building condos. I would really like to know because i want to persuade my girlfriend in coming with me sometime soon. thanks in advance!

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    Last I heard they were still up and running.
    Although, I would hesitate to persaude your girlfriend into going with you, if what I have been told is accurate.
    That is that the place has morphed into more of a swingers club than a nudist club over the years and the name change a few years back is reflective of that.
    Unless that is what both you and she desire, then by all means go for it.


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      yes, i heard it was called hidden valley resort and changed to paradise valley. I, however, haven't heard of it being a swingers place. thank you for the information. can anyone else verfy or deny this piece of information?


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        Call them before going.

        Most Southern C/O or nudist resorts [Sanctioned or not] do not allow singles.

        Check ask and find out before arriving.

        They are a swingers resort as the banned pure nudism and Sea Mountian resort fills the screen when Paradise Valley is mention or entered.

        I would not take a girfriend to a place like that, [especially over a weekend] and you had ough to tell her about it being a swingers place before you make arrangements or think about going there.

        Contact Information:

        Paradise Valley Resort
        49 Valley Drive
        Dawsonville, GA 30534
        Country: USA
        Region: Southeast

        Hwy 400 N to GA 136 Take L to Cothran Rd. L to gate

        (877) 784-2782
        (706) 265-6110
        (706) 265-1533 (fax)
        Fax: (706) 265-1533


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          Very intresting, I found Paradise Valley Resort in Dawsonville, GA web site up and working with a new URL/Web address. This new site shows AANR East Logo certifying they are a AANR Sanctioned Family nudist or C/O resort.

          Are they just showing that Logo or are they AANR Sanctioned?

          If you search for "Paradise Valley Resort in GA on the net all the Banned Swinger sites flood the page such as PureNudism and Sea Mountian as a host listing.

          Well until its proven Paradise Valley Resort GA is not a Swinger C/O nude resort, I guess we can show and place a link to their URL/Address.

          Which is:


          HyperLink to "Paradise Valley Club/Resort, Dawsonville, GA 30534 "showing AANR East Logo"


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            when i first heard of paradise valley it was a family oriented place that only allowed singles if called ahead... which is why for my first social experience i went to serendipity park in cleveland, GA. I wanted to introduce my girlfriend to a social enviroment that catered to couples and familys and not swingers. that was never my intention. i like serendipity but i thought it would be nice to try out another place as well. i know there's a place near serendipity that's for swingers and i wouldn't step foot in that place.

            thank you for the help nakedgary. as always you've been very helpful.


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              Hidden Valley Resort was purchased by the same company that operates Paradise Lakes and was renamed "Paradise Valley".

              Mountain Creek Grove is the former AANR club in Georgia that decided to drop its affiliation in order to become a "Lifestyle" resort.



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                Hi there everyone, it's been a while. Hope you all are well.

                OK, as a member of Paradise Valley, I MUST cut into the conversation here and make a few points.

                I can't say that there are no swigers at Paradise Valley. However that would be true for many clubs out there, even yours Naked Gary.

                With that said, I have many friends from PV, and some of these even live on the grounds. They are NOT swingers, or lifestyle or whatever. Just good people.

                As far as a visit to PV with your girlfriend . . . I'd say do it. There are oftentimes a good group of young people there. Just be friendly to everyone, maybe play some volleyball if you want, and have a good time. The club at night is actually pretty tame, although many women wear sexy outfits.

                If you happen to come upon a swinger, just say you aren't interested, and they will leave you alone.

                And yes, the club was renamed "Paradise" not to infer any kind of swingers paradise, but to reflect affiliation with Paradise Lakes in Tampa.

                And lastly, Naked Gary, if you google "Nudism" or "Naturist" what comes up in first few pages, if not the first?? Pure Nudism. In fact, if you google "nudist" the second entry is " World of the Nudest Nudist: the smooth, shaven naturists". So, Naked Gary, you didn't mention what pops up when YOUR club is googled.

                Does this help set the record straight?

                Have agreat trip to PV!



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                  One more quick thing . . .

                  I did google "paradise valey nudist resort" and yes, the first listing was Pure Nudism. However, in the first 5 pages (that's as far as I got) that was the ONLY link that you could call "swinger-oriented" with the exception of Sea Mountain.

                  Now, why does Sea Mountain come up when you google "Paradise Valley Nudist Resort" you ask. Well, notice the BOLD text below pasted from google . . .

                  a sea mountain inn spa resort hotel | nude resort | nude hotel
                  ...awarded luxury sea mountain inn nude resort and spa ranked best of the usa by ... Coachella Valley , our location could well be called "Paradise Found". ...


                  It does not take a genius to figure out why Sea Mountain comes up when you google Paradise Valley, now does it???

                  Try it for yourself



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                    Hi BackpackerBrian

                    There are swingers, swappers, cruisers and the likes probably at many clubs and resorts. They just don’t act out, do anything sexually explicit in the common areas, or bother others.

                    I did enter “Laguna Del Sol" in Google and saw nothing unusual or any swinger links.

                    If you really want to know why Sea Mountain comes up on Nudist or club names, or swinger terms entered in any search engine; Go to Sea Mountains web site main front web page scroll to the bottom of the page where there is a blank area, and do a "Control & A" key at the same time. You will see all the hidden search engine tags, triggers, and names so they will come up on a high order with any thing nude, nudist, naturist, and any swinging names, resorts, clubs, or swinger’s social activities.

                    This is why they show up with many nudist and club names. It's not illegal, but a forced way to promote in your face to anyone entering those names in the list to search engines portals so they can promote their swinging club as a Adult Clothing Optional facility where public adult explicit activity is on display in common areas at the last open facility near Palm Springs, CA.

                    The Sea Mountian=BAD Topic/thread is closed for further posting but is available to read at:

                    Link to CFF "Sea Mountian=BAD" topic/thread [CLOSED]

                    or this link for CFF posts mentioning Sea Mountian:

                    Link to CFF "Sea Mountian" mention on Posts

                    Sea Mountian is nothing but a sex den being promoted to Swingers, Adults, Nudists, and Naturists. Links to any of their sites or facilities are banned from CFF and CFI.


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                      Thanks "Naturist Mark" & "usuallylurk"

                      Mountain Creek Grove according to cybernude is affiliated with AANR, TNS.

                      The cybernude URL on MCG is years out of date but still on the www net.

                      This is the URL/Web Page address:

                      URL Deleted by Moderator "NakedGary" They were called and this listing is years old but still on the net. They haven’t been affiliated since 2002. This resort is an Adults couples only [No singles] lifestyle C/O Nude resort.


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                        Originally posted by NakedGary:
                        Naturist Mark

                        Mountian Creek Grove according to cybernude who does their web page is affiliated with AANR, TNS.

                        This is the URL/Web Page address:


                        [URL...............................Link to : Mountian Creed Grove Nudist resort [URL]

                        That's CYBERnude, not NetNude.

                        And Mountain Creek Grove has not been affiliated with AANR or TNS for some time. They've changed their name. They withdrew from AANR.

                        Check and

                        That cybernude link is (apparently) an old link.

                        One of the problems with nudist site compilations is that they get out of date and have obsolete information. Sometimes, old html is just left behind out there.

                        I think someone here was confusing Paradise Valley with Pleasure Grove, which is also in Georgia, and was the former Mountain Creek Grove and now promotes itself as a "lifestyle" resort?

                        For the record, Mountain Creek Grove surrended its AANR charter in 2002. It is not affiliated with TNS, whether it was before it converted over to its current format, I don't know. If you dig hard enough you can find references, but I won't post links here for TOS reasons.

                        Hidden Valley/Paradise Valley remains affiliated with AANR and TNS.

                        The ultimate, most reliable source as to whether a club, resort, or group is affiliated with AANR is to go to the website and check under "clubs".

                        The ultimate, most reliable source as to whether a club, resort, or group is affiliated with TNS is to go to thw website and click the "Naturist Network" tab, and enter the state or province where the entity is located or based.

                        Both organizations tend to keep those links and compilations up to date, because the affiliated clubs/groups are in frequent communication with them.


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                          [quote]Originally posted by NakedGary:
                          Naturist Mark

                          Mountian Creek Grove according to net nude who does their web page is affiliated with AANR, TNS.

                          This is the URL/Web Page address:

                          [URL=............................. Nudist resort

                          Those CyberNude pages are seriously out of date. Mountain Creek Grove is no longer listed by AANR: Georgia Clubs

                          Mountain Creek Grove has been renamed Pleasure Grove Resort - I can't post a link to their new website because of all the Swinger links on it.



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                            according to rules you aren't allowed "Overt sexual behavior, or the appearance of such, is not permitted. Please report it to management immediately." and they also talk about children being their most cherished guest. i think they should be alright to visit. now i just have to bring up the subject lightly. thanks for all your help. further input about what has been heard about the club will still be heard and taken into consideration.


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                              Hi NewShyNJGuy - you may want to consider going the day of the Fig Leaf 5K Run at the end of April (

                              There will especially be no pressure to get naked that day, and you'll have a great time. Plenty of college students too. It would be more comfortable for the gf perhaps.