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Berkshire Vista in Mass is *NOT* Closing

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  • Berkshire Vista in Mass is *NOT* Closing

    Hi -

    I just sent this out to the club's newsletter subscribers. I will be back in a couple of days to answer any questions or you can e-mail me off the board

    Berkshire Vista is NOT closing.


    Greeting HAPPENINGS Subscribers!

    Q: Where has "Happenings" been these last two weeks?
    A: "Happenings" is written by club co-owner Ginny Bookstein.
    The Booksteins have been in the process of preparing, and
    physically moving the last 2 weeks so that is why there has been
    no "Happenings" Newsletter.

    Q: Will there be any more "Happenings" newsletters this season?
    A: Usually "Happenings" continues through the end of the camping
    season, ie, through the October Columbus Day Weekend.
    However, until the folks are settled-in, I cannot truly answer
    the question. I have detailed the calendar of events for the
    rest of the season below.

    Q: Where did Dan and Ginny move to?
    A: They sold their home in West Stockbridge, MA and have moved into
    the Kittle Farm House on the club grounds. They spent time there
    last winter and loved it. For now this will be their permanent
    home on the club grounds in this historic building.

    Q: Will they continue to rent rooms in the Kittle House this winter?
    A: Short answer is 'no'. The room rentals in-season were limited and
    during the winter months were restricted to groups-only to make
    opening the building worthwhile. Since this is now their residence
    and office space, there will be no rentals in the winter 2007-2008
    season. The exception to this may be the annual members-only
    open house in January but plans will be announced to those folks
    at a later date. No decisions have been made for in-season rentals
    come next spring and summer as yet.

    Q: I heard the club is closing - True or False?
    A: Plans to exit the nudist resort business have been abandoned for a
    host of reasons, but chief amongst those were their genuine concern
    for the members of the club. By moving onto the grounds they will
    reduce their costs and take a more active role in daily operations.
    The club will end its season on the Columbus Day weekend and re-open
    as usual next May. There may be some adjustments in camp operations
    but those will be announced at a later date. For now, it is
    business as-usual for 2008 and beyond.

    Q: What about my AANR membership? Will that be effected?
    A: No, you will still be AANR members - those that have it. Starting
    this fall Berkshire Vista is dropping its 100% Club designation with
    AANR. This means that AANR membership will be available to those
    wanting it, but will no longer be a requirement of membership in
    Berkshire Vista.

    Q: What are the rates and fees for the 2008 season?
    A: Those will be formulated and be announced at a later date.

    Q: I called the winter business office number but no one was there.
    A: That's because they moved silly! There are plans underway to use
    a second line at Berkshire Vista for their fax and on-line needs
    and all business is now via the main camp telephone number.

    Q: What's cookin' for the rest of the season?
    A: Sat, Sept. 22... End of Season Pot Luck Supper.
    Sat, Oct 5-8... Last weekend in the 2007 season.
    Sat, Oct. 6... Last Dance of the Season, Columbus Day Weekend!
    Mon, Oct. 8... Last day of operations for the 2007 season.
    Club closes for the winter at the end of the day.

    Q: What can we do this winter while the club is closed?
    A: There are a number of landed and non-landed clubs that hold regular
    events in the winter months. We are aware of winter events held by
    the Sunchasers Club (Western, MA), Maine Coast Solar Bares (ME),
    Naturist New Hampshire (NH-TNS), Naturist Rochester (NY), and
    sometimes through Juniper Woods (NY). We suggest contacting the
    clubs nearest you during the winter months for details. A list of
    clubs in New England is available at:
    and elsewhere you can look up clubs at and In Canada,

    *** If I can help anyone via the on-line medium drop me a line at
    [email protected] --or-- [email protected]

    Dennis K. BVR Webmaster

    Berkshire Vista Nudist Resort - Sept. 13, 2007
    PO Box 1177, Hancock, MA. 01237 (USA)
    Berkshire Vista Resort/Gate: 413-738-5154
    World Web :
    Webmaster : [email protected]