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Headed to San Fran Nov 2-Nov 7

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  • Headed to San Fran Nov 2-Nov 7

    i will be in San Francisco next week (11/2-11/7). Is it too cold to go to Baker Beach? Anyone out that way interested in going? I was also considering one of the Korean/Asian spas just in case it's cold.

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    This time a year ... anything's possible. If SF is having a nice warm day ... a visit to Baker Beach could be great. I think you have to be flexible and spontaneous cuz you never know what type of weather you'll have one day to the next.


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      I've been wondering if Baker Beach is still a nude beach. A few years back, I heard that San Francisco banned public nudity. Later, in another forum, one guy reported that he was arrested for just sitting near a nude person, on Baker Beach. Today, I saw a recent video on You Tube, referring to Baker Beach as "the former nude beach." So is it still a nude beach or not?