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Nudist Paradise in Wyoming?

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  • Nudist Paradise in Wyoming?

    Ok, this is in snow country - so it isn't a year round paradise, but what a spot this would be. All the privacy you could want. Off the grid but connected. Surrounded by public land. They are asking $780K

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    "Location, location, location". If no one can get to it - you can't use it as a nudist park.

    You CAN isolate yourself - on smaller patches of land, in warmer climates, and closer to society - in nudist fashion, for a lot less money. There are a lot of places ON the grid - perfectly suitable for a nude lifestyle... for less than 3/4 of a mill...


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      Heck, I'd by that just for myself if I had the money! That'd be incredible. I could be naked doing just about anything I'd ever want to do at my house.


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        Originally posted by MRLIFLIF View Post
        Heck, I'd by that just for myself if I had the money! That'd be incredible. I could be naked doing just about anything I'd ever want to do at my house.
        Having been raised a city boy - I think I'd go nuts if I cut myself off of the rest of the world like that.

        If you want to live a nude lifestyle, even on your own piece of the world, it can be done without isolating yourself that much.

        Once, I got lost in the back woods of Florida - before GPS systems - and was frightened - sometimes seeing mansions, with high picket fences and "No Trespassing" signs. Sorry - I like people too much.


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          ... but this property could appeal to some nudists. I've said it many times, taking ones clothes off and calling yourself a nudist, doesn't automatically make you friendly or nice. I've gotten into some pretty interesting conversations with nudists at our club and at resorts that would jump at this opportunity because they just don't like people, but they are right in the middle of a slew of them at the club and resort! LOL

          ​This property has it's draw. Open space, complete privacy, ability to live naked with impunity. If this were your idea of living, I'd like to know what you do while living there. You can't just ride around on your ATV all day, every day. No matter who you are, that would get boring. Trade that for a horse and ride all day, that would be fun but also get boring. Keeping up on projects, but when they are completed, what next. Most people need contact with other people and depending on who visits, you may have to slip on clothes in your own nudist paradise.

          ​I don't think I could take a steady diet of this isolation but I sure would like more, much more than 20 ft. between my home and the home next door! I was hoping to come out here and buy some property, 5-6 acres at least. I just wanted space between me and the neighbors. For my wife, those properties were too isolated, so we ended up in another tract home. Luckily, I was able to provide us with the privacy we need to live as we do with a neighbor 20 ft from us and in a two story house.

          ​I'm wondering if this is Sheriff Walt Longmire's territory!


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            Agree with fireprof. I couldn't isolate myself entirely for an extended period, but this would be a great escape. We are not the life of any party, but do like being active with small groups over large gatherings. It's just easier to focus on the people around you. I would definitely like to find something like this close enough to get to on weekends or for vacation though. Especially as an escape for 100 + temps of central Texas.