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  • Florida Relocation

    Wife & I are getting ready to retire and are going to move out of California due to increased living cost. We have, at this point, decided on Kissimmee, Florida. It matches the demographics of the community we are currently living in.
    We would then like to be members of Cypress Cove. I am looking for input regarding this move:

    1. I have heard many good things about Cypress Cove. Is there anyone that can give me any feedback. All sides are welcome.

    2. Weather & humidity aren't really an issue...just hurricanes

    3. I have read that there is are issues with the bug population. Understanding that this is more of a tropical environment, is it really that bad or are there controls that can be put in place?

    4. Open to any and all comments about Florida living.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Cypress Cove is my favorite place to go for vacation. If we decide to make the Florida move (we're in Massachusetts) we will likely join Cypress Cove and get a house outside the gates. There's a wonderful over-55 community in Poinciana - Solavita. A LOT of Cypress Cove members live there and go over and visit the Cove daily. There are other neighborhoods nearby - we like Yorkshire Estates, also Bellelago.

    Hurricanes to central Florida? Rare but they happen.

    Bugs? I've seen worse in Massachusetts - Maine - New Hampshire, between mosquitoes and black flies. Yes, they're there in the summer - so you live in a screened in area ...

    Lived in Florida once - did not like the conservative attitudes there, chose not to raise my family there. Retirement's different, however, and as you know, Florida has no state income tax....


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      FL was hometown from 72 - 89 when I began my own journey and my family is there which brings me back. While I have never been to Cypress Cove, the area it's located in is still relatively sane. Traffic isn't too bad but getting worse. And there is likely more entertainment in a reasonable distance than anywhere. As for hurricanes, don't worry. If one reaches the center of the state, they are usually reduced in size and strength significantly and dump lots of rain, but the winds are not nearly as forceful. Bugs are a problem, especially the dreaded mosquito, but bug spray works. Most people have a screened porch to relax outside. As for nude activity, there are few places more accommodating and most are within 2 hrs of you. Unofficial beaches due east, the resorts of Pasco CTY, and Haulover beach is about 3-4 hrs via interstate or turnpike.