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  • Mazo Beach 2017

    I have not been able to find any updates about the status of Mazo Beach for 2017. The only update on the Badger Naturist website has been about a camping event in July.

    Should we assume that the beach remains closed? Are there any updates from the work being done with/by the Department of Natural Resources?

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    You probably won't. My understanding is that the beach remains closed. I would ask the Badger Naturists as to what the status is.

    I am going to the Eastern Naturist Gathering tomorrow -- unfortunately, there don't seem to be any NAC events on the schedule there this year. Last year there was a session on Mazo Beach - and as I said, a Mazo beach advocate gave a bit of a strange answer - after all stated "the businesses in the area will really be hurt badly by the nude beach closing" -- someone asked "how has the business community officially reacted?"

    "Uh, well, umm, they're scared to say anything. Yeah, that's it, they're afraid that the DNR will come after them, too."

    I dunno - if my livelihood depended on nude beach customers, I'd object ......perhaps there's some type of deal going on behind the scenes that can't be discussed...???
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      Mazo is in the Lower Wisconsin River long range plan. Review of a long section of the river to write policy to cover the larger area. Will not include nude use. Check Badger Naturists and/or Friends of Mazo Beach. We spent alot of our tourist dollars near there, not any more.